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Social Networking 4

Social Networking

Social Networking

A social network is a service that is offered online and mostly focuses on the facilitation of building a social network an also enhancing the social relations among people who share the same level of interest, activities and even backgrounds. Every social network has some basic requirements that are in the site. These often include the clients or users profile. The social network will then enable the clients or user to be able to socialize and mingle over the internet through their social site. In this particular time, we have the network that is referred to as linkedIn. LinkedIn is a website that is mostly known for the chances that one gets in finding a job with the use of tis website.

In this particular age and time, social networking has become an integral part of the daily lives of many individuals. (Richard Darell, 2013) When looking for a job opportunity, the social network mostly preferred is the linkedIn. This is because the level of competition is mostly leveled by the linkedIn website.(CV Centre, 2011) LinkedIn is a social network where human resource managers can easily recruit employees who are looking for job opportunities. There are several outcomes that have been reported from the use of linkedIn. These include both positive and also negative outcomes.For any employee looking for a job through the linkedIn, it can be a very harsh and brutal experience but for employees that are looking for employers, it is like a heaven for them. The social connectedness of people has greatly been improved and increased due to the introduction of the social networks. After the creation of the social networks and sites, individuals have certain opportunities that include meeting new people and making new friends on their own. This includes meeting possible employers through the internet without having knowledge of it.

Most employees do not know that most of the job openings that are advertised in the internet are done so through the linkedIn network and website.(Leigh Richards, 2012) This makes it very important to have a linkedIn profile for all job seekers. This ensures that all or most of the job seekers can find you and know what you can deliver your experience that you have acquired. For employees looking for job opportunities in the linkedIn website, they will have an added advantage when they participate and have an active social life in the website. This will prove to be an added bonus when the employers come looking for employees. This is because the employees are able to market their communication skills and their ability to socialize effectively with other people.

When an individual signs up to social networks mostly the linkedIn their chances to get a job opportunities are highly increased. This makes it possible for the members to get job opportunities easily. For the people to get job opportunities and to easily socialize with the outside world, making your profile impressive and putting in it positive attributes makes it the more desirable. (Gillian Singletary, 2013) Joining these social networks can also mean that your life would change. This is because the next employer could be looking for you but you don’t know about it. The social life in this websites can be able to make the life of an individual totally different. This is because the people in this websites can easily get to socialize with other people and even have added advantages when it comes to landing jobs.


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