Social Media Marketing Plan

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Social Media Plan 2

8. Integration of the social media campaign with existing marketing initiatives

Social media cannot freely standalone separated from other marketing activities. Instead it is seen a platform that integrates with existing marketing strategies and enhances their operations (Nick, 2015). There are several ways that social media campaign will be integrated in the existing marketing initiatives as below:

  • Creation of twitter channel for customer service- A separate account will be created for aim of responding to the concerns, feedback and questions of customers.

  • Integrating email and social media- This will be done by adding social sharing buttons to templates of emails, so that individuals can share with followers and friends if they like the campaign. The email templates will contain social media icons to link the social networks of Montsalvat. This will make it easier for the audience to find Montsalvat in social media. Email campaigns will also be posted on social media. The social followers of Montsalvat will be converted to email contacts, by using Mail Chimp to provide signup forms.

  • Coupling social media with good content to strengthen Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The most ideal social media platform here will be Google+. By sharing content on this platform, there is a high chance of ranking hire in google, because Google+ is used as a source of fresh content by search crawlers of Google.

9. Measurement Metrics

The biggest concern in dealing with social media in business is whether or not it is helping achieve the objectives of the business. Therefore, measurement of efforts needs an appropriate performance metrics (Scott, 2010). Below is Montsalvat’s social media measurement metrics.

Social Media Platform

Measuring Metric

  1. Facebook

  • Fan reach- number of Facebook fans on the pages that have seen any of the updated posts.

  • Organic reach- the number of non-fans and fans, and people who have seen any updated posts and have accessed the page in a widget

  • Engagement- The number of individuals who clicked on the anywhere in the content of the page(sharing, commenting, liking, viewing photos or videos, or following links)

  • Storytellers or people talking about this- measures only shares, comments and likes

  • Click-Through Rate- The number of individuals, who viewed the larger version of photos, watched videos or clicked on a link in the page content.

  • Negative feedback- counts the number of people who did not like the content on the page

  • Twitter engagement- The number of people who interacted with the brand content including replies, mentions, retweets and likes

  • The number of people the tweets reached

  • The number of influencer users who have engaged with the brand content.

  • Channel Engagement- The interaction people have with the brand and its content on Google+

  • Platform reach- The number of people reached by any given content

  • Quality score- the relevance of leads generated that are for the brand or business

  1. Pinterest

  • Visits- the number of referral traffic to the brand website that is attracted from Pinterest

  • Contacts/leads- Number of people who have shown interest in the brand from Pinterest

  • Visit-into-contact conversion rate- the number of visitors to the website to Pinterest who converted to contacts

  • Customers- the number of people who came from Pinterest to the brand website and closed as a customer.

  • The number of clicks per pin

  • The number of pins re-pinned

  • Average visit duration

10. Action Plan

Social media is part of the activities of a business, therefore it managing it through planning and follow-up is crucial (Giusca, 2014).

The action plan below shows three-month activities since that is the period the social media plan will intensively take effect.


Lay social media networking foundation

  • Sign up for Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Beginning Putting the word out

  • Posting at least 10 times per every platform daily to build content for the audience

  • Posting a link of social media platforms to the website

  • Posting a least 3times per every platform daily to keep the pages with fresh content

  • Get the word to the existing business contacts that the business is on social networks and provide links.

Integrating social media networks with existing marketing campaigns

  • Include social media pages links in the email templates

  • Sharing content on Google + for SEO

Create an account for customer service

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