Social media at workplace

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Social Media at the Workplace

Cintas Corp’s decision to block access to social media is arguable. Cintas Corps decision should be based on personal use of social media and not business use: Cintas Corp has to differentiate the requirements of personal and business. Numerous types of social media platforms exist while others such as Twitter and Facebook do not require heavy use of bandwidth, others such as Netflix and streaming platforms consumes voluminous bandwidth. Allowing the employees to use social media means the speed of connection and effectiveness of the processes of connection are affected; therefore, Cintas Corp made the right decision to block the social media at the workplace.

From the perspective of personal and business requirements, the social media fulfill certain obligations to an employee such as connecting to friends and family members. However, the time used in the engagement and use of social media affects the productivity of the business. If the platform were used by the employees to advance the requirements of the business, it would have been appropriate, but the use of personal needs reduces efficiency and effectiveness on the company. The solution, since it is hard to differentiate between personal and business use, is blocking social media platform.

However, the use of social media should be allowed for the business purpose. Persons assigned specific business duties should use social media to advance the requirements of the business. For example, marketing department requires engagement with customers and specific employees in the marketing department have to use the social media to sell the company’s products and services: the purpose is to create brand awareness. Customer care department should also be allowed to increase avenues of communication with the customers. The human resource department may also be allowed because of recruitment and hiring requirements. Therefore, Cintas Corp has to analyze the internal and external processes to determine the appropriate methodology to use the social media to advance the business requirements.

In conclusion, Cintas Corp decision to block social network to the users is appropriate because of productivity, efficiency, and effective requirements. Some social media have heavy content, which slows the connectivity because of burden on the bandwidth. Nevertheless, Cintas Corp should allow other departments such as marketing, human resource, and customer care to use social media to engage with the customers and other stakeholders. However, Cintas Corp has to define an online strategy to determine who is allowed to comment on the company, type of messages, and frequency of messages, conflict resolution processes, and other social media activities.