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Effects off social media and social networks

According to the video “The Virtual Revolution” technological advancement has greatly changed the way we do things from how we work, shop, travel, read and write, and even how we communicate. Social life has particularly been improved by the emergence of social media platforms that are seeking to connect people of different kinds from all walks of life. The social media platform have to a great deal affected both positively and negatively several aspects of human life and activities including family relations and working environments.

Like other phenomena in technological world, social media platforms and networks have their two sides of the coin. They can either make or break the society depending upon their usage, priority and time spent on them. According to Burford, S. (2012), ssocial media tools have made several impacts in the information gathering and collecting user views. Companies can use social media platforms to get feedback and collect information based on their products and services offered by the company. Collecting the knowledge from the community concerned helps such companies in making informed business strategies and satisfy their customers better. This leads to increased productivity and sales volumes.

The social media is a major source of information to the new industry even though a lot of inappropriate and inaccurate content tend to go around the same platforms. Journalists, news rooms and news casters use the social media platforms to get reactions of leaders and popular people who use these platforms to connect to their fans and enthusiasts. These people also use the platforms to gather the more important and sincere consumer opinion rather than wait for the organization’s communication.

In organizational information systems,
Burford, S. (2012), the social media platform have helped organizations to directly communicate to their users, engage them at various product and service levels, and better their relations with the customers. This aspect of constant communications increases product and service loyalty as well as giving the customers an opportunity to have their opinion considered.

The social media has also transformed and shaped my professional practice by enhancing collaborative communication among staff members and meeting several people of similar professional interest. Social networks like LinkedIn bring together professionals in different fields and have allowed me to meet many important people in the information and communication arena. They also encourage information sharing which a tool is driving towards enhancing innovation, information autonomy and agility in employees and workers.

Social platforms have also changed the way people handle project designs, implementation and delivery in different fields of work. Social media platforms have been used for implementing surveys to gather information used in project planning and development. Some other social platforms also provide utilities for sharing and collaborating on open source projects together. These utilities help in generating well planned and create an orderly approach to project implementation and management.

Governmental and federal organizations and departments are also spreading their support services and citizen engagement to the social media platforms. Leaders are updating their reviews and thoughts through the social media in a bid to deliver the information to a wide number of people sing the platforms. People can also do enquiries over the social media thus increasing access to information. Government departments and public relations sections of companies have dedicated panels that service people on the social media just like they do with their customer care centers.

In conclusion, social media platforms are becoming the largest active source of information and entertainment to the online community and drives collaborations among various people from various parts of the world.


Source: Burford, S. “Using social media to extend and enrich practice in the information sector.” In G. Widén, & K. Holmberg (Eds.), Social information research: 2012,p. 13-31, p. 215-238.

The Virtual Revolution. Video