Smith Family competition analysis

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The Smith Family Competition Analysis 3




  • Independent charity organization offering

  • long-term education support to lucky children and young people, from primary-tertiary level

  • Spread to 97 communities, and with over106, 000 cares/parents, young people and children nationally (2011-12 report) (The Smith Family, 2012).

  • Well organization board of directors, team member committee and sponsorship forums, and fundraising events (Smart, Sanson, Baxter, Edwards, & Hayes, 2008).

  • The Smith Family is rarely welcomed to contribute to educational policy development in Australia despite their ambitions

  • There is lack of interwoven NGO-School support, as the school in most cases lack professionals who can steer the programs to sustainability to ensure cohesiveness

  • The volatile economic environment, requires supporters on education for future exceptional leaders.

  • The indigenous community still rank behind educationally wise and from low-socioeconomic backgrounds.

  • Ability to leverage on the Girls @ the Centre program, which integrates the community with the school (The Smith Family, 2012).

  • Compared to their neighboring countries the quality of Australian education reforms are unreliable and most Australians are yet to celebrate the educational outcomes and make remarkable transitions.

  • The education system suffer from parent knowledge and skills disconnectedness (The Smith Family, 2012).

  • The presence of the Camp Australia Foundation (tCAF) and the United Way fight their way from fundraising NFP firms to grants NFP (TCAF, 2015).

The Smith Family SWOT Competition Analysis

The Smith Family, have various sources of funding and leverages from various events. Currently, it has online donor personalization steered by experienced national marketers (Fundraising & Philanthropy, 2016). For its promotion, Smith and Family relies on various platforms, including web hosting, You Tube ads and Facebook. The Smith Family, holds a substantial market share within the Australian communities. The anniversary challenge event organized annually did raise more than $680,000 in 2016 (The Smith Family Challenge (n.d.). Partnership with other organization like MAX solution, serves as donors to the organization also offer substantial source of income. In 2015, they did donate $25,000 to The Smith Family, (MAX Solutions, 2015).


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