Situational Analysis of UNIQLO

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3Situational Analysis of UNIQLO

UNIQLO is a Japanese casual wear manufacturer, designer and retailer and it is has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Fast Retailing co. Ltd, in addition to operating in Japan the company also has operations in fourteen other countries globally (Hyde, 2007). Though UNIQLO seemed to be determined to take over the world there are places that the brand is not receiving the required attention from the customers. One of the major problems that the company is facing is that the company seems to be struggling in getting the American shoppers to shop in their stores (Schlossberg, 2016). This market seems to be very important for the company now and in the new future if they are to achieve the required results. Thus, for them to succeed they need to ensure that they attain a greater market share in the market.

The table below shows the SWOT ANALYSIS OF UNIQLO



  • Well trained sales personnel

  • High quality products at reasonable prices

  • Effective distribution of products.

  • No return or exchanging of certain products


  • High purchasing power in HK

  • CSR activities

  • Overseas expansion

  • Brand building through flagships

  • Stiff competition

  • Loss of sales as a result of weak summer or spring lines

  • Foreign currency

  • A low market share

The current campaign by UNIQLO which is termed as “this way to Utopia” can be termed as a great success in the targeted market. The campaign which is mainly targeted to the youth is likely to achieve a lot of success since they have really captured what the youth’s wants in the current age. Thus the young people are likely to associate with the campaign and therefore make purchases as a result. The youth are likely to be entice by the unusual touches in addition the impressive performance that makes up a very compelling film. The film is also supported by a number of posters. This will ensure that they reach a larger target audience and this is likely to translate into greater sales in the store (Williams, 2016).

To make the American buyers to purchase from them UNIQLO needs to engage in a number of advertisement and marketing campaigns aimed at enticing the consumers. The marketing activities ought to create a desire in the consumers to purchase or visits their stores.

There exists a wide a variety of research methods that one can make use of to learn about the consumers (Polak & Green, 2015). The most appropriate method in this case is the use of interviews. The major reason for using interviews is that through it one will get useful as well as detailed information about the perception, personal feelings and opinions of the customers. Additionally, the interviews always have high response rates when compared to other methods thus the results arrived at are likely to e a true replica of what is happening. Through interviews one will be able to ask detailed questions and request for clarifications where necessary. The words of the respondent will also be recorded and this will avoid bias.


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