Singapore-Canberra Tourism

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Singapore-Canberra Tourism

Singapore-Canberra Tourism


Singapore has been one of the major markets of Australian tourism industry. Singaporean tourists are some of the contributors to the ever growing industry in the country. In 2014, the population of tourists from Singapore into Australia increased by 16 percent, compared to that of the previous year (Australian High Commission 2014). Looking into the tourism industry in Australia, Canberra is one of the major travel places in the country that is best known for an extensive collection of history and culture, alongside the precincts housing, arts, and scenes, that provide the basis of the industry (Tripadvisor 2017). The political, socio-economic and infrastructure, amongst other macro-factors, has contributed positively towards the thriving nature of the industry. The aim of this project is to assess the factors; for instance, the “SmartGate service” that is now permanently available to the Singaporean tourists to Canberra (Australian High Commission 2014, n.p.); that develop and reinstate Canberra as a destination for tourism. Further, the project seeks to explore some of the top tourism events in Canberra; such as the balloon spectacular, art, sky-fire, sports, and comedy festivals; that are likely to attract more Singaporeans, as well as visitors from other regions.

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