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Short Film Treatment of ‘Fair Favor’

Janna, a 40 year-old mother of one has been homeless for three months after being thrown out by Jim, her husband of five years. Although she feels bitter and drained, she had to look for a job to fend for her son Jimmy and herself. One week into searching and her efforts pay off. She lands a job as a store attendant. Although she keeps to herself at work, there is this supervisor, Drake, who seems to be on her case all the time. She has enough problems to entertain Drakes humongous ego, she just has to ignore him. To her relief, the store hires Logan, a middle-aged man, in his mid-forties. Janna is tasked with orienting Logan and helping him settle on the new job. To her disappointment, Logan just can’t get it. She will explain something one minute and the next minute Logan has forgotten. She now has to deal with her problems, Drake and Logan.

Three weeks into the orientation, Logan seems to be coming along. They are slowly developing a friendship. She even shares parts of her story when she feels the needs to talk. Although, he does not offer much help, at least Logan listens. And he makes her forget her problems and Drake’s demands. So, when Logan fails to show up at work this Monday, Janna is concerned, she tries his cell but can’t get to him. That evening, the manager informs her that she has to accompany him somewhere before leave out.

Janna is puzzled when they pull over in front of restaurant. Before her questions are answered, they are in the restaurant and there is Logan, all dressed out and groomed. Amidst shock, Janna learns that Logan is the owner of the store and has been looking for a personal assistant under the guise of being an employee. The teary Logan explains how the disclosure of her life’s escapades have changed him and how he sees his employees. Logan gives her a cheque of $2000 to help her with settling in an apartment. She also gets the PA job.