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Topic: Short Answer Questions of Advertising Strategy Development

An effective remuneration system that would be attractive to potential small-scale charity-sector clients is making payments to the agency based on certain duration of provision of service such as daily charges in addition to provision of full and half day rates. These rates will be based on the amount of service provided by the organization (Poonia, 2010).

The main advantage of standardized approach when appointing advertisement agency is that it does not discriminate the type of services that can be advertised. But its disadvantage is that certain products may not be possible to advertise due to irrelevance in the advertising systems. The advantage of adapted method is that it enables flexibility in advertising and a range of products can be advertised. Its disadvantage is that the personnel involved in advertising have to be flexible to certain needs of the form of advertising (Percy & Elliott, 2012).

A way in which advertising agencies can differentiate themselves is by focusing on customer needs and providing customer service. Differentiation can also be achieved by treating customer experience as a competence (Percy & Elliott, 2012). Differentiation can also be achieved by focusing in provision of specific services such as video production, print media or digital marketing (Percy & Elliott, 2012).

The main factors that need to be considered when selecting an advertising agency by a supplier of health care products in China include definition of products offered by the company. The advertising company should be able to emphasize the strengths that relate to business objectives that are influenced by corporate aims and market research. It is also important to determine whether the advertising method is likely to result into more sensitivity among prospective customers regarding the product.

The roles of account planners in advertising has changed over time and currently include designing and performing research such as ethnography, focus group studies and quantitative studies and drawing insights from data. They also develop campaign plans according to the organizational settings to assist in designing consumer journey and formulation of strategy (Percy & Elliott, 2012).

Chemistry meetings during selection of advertisement agency play a significant role in advertisement. These meetings serve more than the function of marketing the team to get insights into the impact of working with the agency (Jugenheimer & Kelley, 2009). During these meetings, the companies involved give their prescriptions of the agency composition and challenge the agencies to see how they can respond to challenges with respect to content, time utilization and team strategy and dynamics (Percy & Elliott, 2012).

A number of factors may contribute to conflict between clients and advertising agencies. For instance, the advertising agency may want to publicize certain types of information that intrudes into the privacy of the client company. The advertising agency may also charge high cost per hour even during times when advertising has not been done. This may make the client company feel like wasting resources in advertising (Percy & Elliott, 2012).

An example of an individual specialized in advertising is Margaret L. Weaver whose address is P.O BOX Sometown,VA 20191 and her e-mail address is [email protected]. She has a 17 years’ experience in retail, and advertising industry as well as proficiency in media applications.

Payments by results has become the common basis for agency remuneration because client companies opt to benefit from advertising investments and the gains from the activities tends to be reduced when the results are not good. Thus client companies tend to reward the agencies based on the amount earned to enable them remain with a certain amounts of profits (Applegate & Johnsen, 2007).

There are many benefits associated with share of voice and objectives and task methods during the process of setting advertising budgets. For instance, sharing voices ensures the clients come up with amicable solution for advertising that satisfies both parties. In addition, it is possible to generate an idea which can be beneficial to the whole client company when task methods are properly agreed upon (Applegate & Johnsen, 2007).


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