(Shannon Stubbs) com 235 6-journalisn and democracy

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Shannon agrees that journalism enables people to understand what is going on in the universe, how leaders are managing issues affecting the country. Also, journalism promotes democracy since the citizens are informed on social and political issues affecting the society.

Different media such as television, newspapers and radio are used to report on citizens’ needs, impressions and prevent panic by providing essential information on critical events. Accountability in journalism is an essential element in promoting democracy. Informing citizens’ results in civil advocacy since people have a chance to make informed decisions.

I support Shannon opinions about watchdog journalism which enables the citizens to get detailed information concerning their leaders. In modern times, the media is generally referred to as the society watchdog. There is the forthcoming general election in the USA whereby Americans will elect the 45th president. Through journalism, the American citizens will access important news regarding the vying candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Several presidential debates will be held and the media will enable citizens to listen to the candidates’ agenda, opinions and policies. This will ensure that citizens make informed decisions during the voting process.

It’s evident that some journalists face death threats whenever they report about scandals happening within the government. However, I would say that even U.S journalists face death threats for reporting sensitive issues about influential people.