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Service blueprint

Why I Chose ISS Company

ISS has been providing cleaning services for quite some time now. The company has built a reputation over the time that it has been operating. In this organization, there is a clear layout of the various services that are offered. Furthermore, the steps involved in the procurement of such services are very clear and easily understood. From the manner in which services are provided to its clients, it is easy to identify the targeted segment for the product in question. This has been reflected through the designing of various services offered by the company.

Elements of Physical Evidence

When having a look at ISS Company, there are very many elements of physical evidence. One of the common elements of physical evidence in this company is the vehicles and equipment. These are nice elements considering the nature of platform where the customers directly interact with the company. The vehicles and equipment are facilitators of the whole exercise of service provision. Such vehicles provide an ambience that seems to communicate more to the consumers (Heskett et al. 1994, pp. 17). Such facilitators creates an image of value in the minds of the consumer which later on determines the willingness of the consumer to acquire the services being provided by the organization. The value that is attached to the element from the environment from which the service is provided makes a profound impact on the consumer choice. Consumers have a feeling that expensive facilities are better in providing quality services.

Besides the vehicles and equipment, another element of physical evidence is the uniform used by employees. Employees in ISS Company are all dressed up in uniforms which as well communicate something. Uniforms indicate how prepared employees are in delivering the required service. The cleaning exercise is the kind of work whose nature requires that employees to be dressed in a certain way to effectively discharge their duties. Since cleaning services cannotbe offered while in official attire, the use of uniforms indicates readiness to discharge duties. Therefore, the use of it denotes some element of perceived quality/value about the services being offered. This element is specifically meant to influence perceptions about the product which ultimately improves its salability. For instance, consumers perceive the well-dressed employees to be very intelligent and more interactive. More so, uniforms happen to distinguish the company’s personnel. At the same time, it shows a coherent flow of work within that structure (Gronroos 1990, pp. 135). Consequently, such evidence minimizes the chances of post-purchase dissonance.

The third element of the physical evidence in this company is availability. This is another critical element of the physical evidence to any service provider. Service providers ought to be available all the time. It also creates perception in the mind of the consumers. One of the things that run into the mind of the consumer based on the availability of the service providers is a feeling of being valued so much.

Potential Fail Points

From the service blueprint that has been designed, there are a number of points where possible failure can be traced. One of the points of possible is failure is represented during the time where the customer is waiting for starting of the exercise. Waiting for a longer time develops some kind of impatience from the consumers. Therefore, the service providers must ensure that waiting period is reduced as much as possible in order to lower the rate of customer dissatisfaction. Another point of failure could at the pricing stage. Based on the prevailing conditions and the environment within which the service provider is engaged with the customer, the service provider may be tempted to quote higher prices than the normally accepted prices. This may sound so well during the time of execution. Nevertheless, this may as well symbolize a huge failure to the organization. When the customers discover that the organization has a tendency of hiking the pricing for the sake of leveraging the business’ profits, this may be very difficult to retain such customers (Gronroos 1990, p. 271). Lastly, meeting the exact expectations of the customer could be another fail point. Customers have diverse expectations concerning the service they require from the company. If the company fails to fulfill the actual expectations of the consumer, it may be very challenging for the company to retain such employees.

Possible Solutions

The ease of service delivery should be one of the main objectives of the organization. To attain this, the company may be forced to have more than the available resources. Resources determine the pace at which services are delivered. For instance, when the company has adequate vehicles for carrying waste products, it becomes easier when dealing with the issue of timely delivery. Considering the significance of this issue, it is important for this company to put the required resources in place for timely delivery. Moreover, the company must train its employees on the need to maintain integrity all-through. Integrity will guide employees not to vary the pricing inappropriately. Adhering to basic ethical issues will guide the company into avoiding to the trap of varying prices unnecessarily by the employees.

Use of Service Blueprint

The marketing function of this service blueprint is very critical to the organization. In essence, the marketing function is used in creating customer expectations. The marketing function is responsible for creating appeals on the various servicesthat will stimulate expectations. This is achieved through packaging of services in a unique manner. The human resource management is another critical function on this company’s service blueprint. Its main role is empowering the human capital aspect of the organization. The human resource function trains and equips employees in an organization so as to be in a position to deliver quality services to the customers. Unless the employees are well trained based on the needs of the company, it may be quite difficult to achieve customer satisfaction. The other arm is the operations. The operations function is helpful in rendering the required services to the customers. Each complete service is offered to the customer by the operations team. It is appropriate to ensure that these people are also trained on the specifications of their job to ensure that they offer optimal services. The operations function understands the issues on the ground that affect the business probably better than any other person in the organization. For this reason, they have a lot of information that can be used by the management to improve the performance of the business entity. This does not fully explore the dimensions of the organization that is so reliant on the operations function.

What Has Been Learnt

Throughout this assignment, indeed there is a lot that I have gained. The various processes of service delivery to consumers are very critical. Any business entity ought to be in a position to evaluate each step taken in the process of customer satisfaction. This is because every step has its own role and it is good to evaluate the individual contributions to the entire process. Through assessing individual contribution of the various steps, attention can be accorded to individual processes. Moreover, I have also learnt how service blueprint can be used as a reflection of innovation in real organization. It clearly brings out the need to embrace innovation to attain optimal customer satisfaction. With innovation, driving modern organization can never be a challenge at all. Another thing is the fact that service blueprints can be replaced if found outdated. Improvements are made on the service blueprint in order to ensure that performance is not compromised at all costs.


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