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Self-respective Piece

Reasons for studying marketing management

The key reason for choosing to study marketing management is since I saw my future career in business. I believed that having a career in business would demand studying marketing management at the university. For this reason, I chose marketing management as a major while deeply convinced that this would help me get into a lucrative career in marketing. I considered the study of marketing management as a significant factor for grasping the concepts of business management. I was of the view that the course would focus on the practical application of marketing techniques in addition to managing marketing activities and resources. Therefore, through the study of these practical applications, I believed I would acquire essential knowledge needed for running a business (Steve 2011).

Additionally, the perception of job placement also played a role. While in high school, I heard that a majority of graduates could get jobs in sales. Being a marketing manager seemed to me as an interesting job. I, therefore, perceived marketing as exempted from closed-shop guilds, where individuals who lacked some degrees would be barred from getting jobs. Indeed, marketing has various open job domains that offer better prospects for a job including public relations, product development, and sales promotion. I believed that marketing management would advance my employment success rate (Rotfed 1995).

Reasons for selecting a self-paced unit in the online environment

My primary reason for choosing self-paced was to learn at a pace I could set by myself. This implied that I would not have to be online at the same time as other students or the instructor. At any rate, I was motivated by the benefits I anticipated from self-paced learning.

I was of the opinion that self-paced learning would allow me to learn independently, or even take part in courses on-the-go because of the availability of the tablets and smartphones. For instance, whenever I wanted to review a piece of content in a specific lesson for long period, to increase my retention of the lesson, I would be able to do so. Indeed, the self-paced learning approach provides the learner with greater autonomy. It also offers benchmarks for measuring progress and accomplishments while enabling the learner to carry on at own individualized pace (Rhode 2008).

Additionally, I viewed it to be flexible as my perception was that it requires no scheduling. For this reason, since I knew that many students were also involved in the training, I would not need to be stressed about the capacity of the venue, being late for a lecture or scheduling conflicts. Indeed, the self-paced learning approach offers students a great measure of flexibility regarding the pace at which they get involved in varied course activities in addition to how they communicate with others (Rhode 2008).

I viewed self-paced learning to be appropriate for permanent content. Since most of the marketing management content does not change every now and then, I viewed self-paced learning as appropriate. Therefore, information would be distributed fast, as well as to the many people at the same time and over long periods.

How I would like to learn and understand new concepts

I would like to learn using an approach that ensures learner-content interaction. This describes a learning that takes place when the student gets to access varied media representations of the subject under study. This interaction is described by Rhode (2008) as “internal didactic conversation” since as a learner, I “talk to myself” as regards the ideas and information I get to encounter while learning. This is particularly suitable for my case, as I mostly rely on content-interactive technology, such as tablet, while learning. Mostly, it is since I prefer flexibility in learning. However, this would only be to a small extent, as I would still want an instructor to clarify some areas of the subject matter under study.

Therefore, I would also prefer a learning approach that provides an opportunity for learner-instructor interaction. This involved the teacher and the instructor interacting in the process of learning. I also prefer this approach since it provides an opportunity for online learning, as well as face-to-face learning. Hence, it provides a valuable learning setting for sharing of idea, constructing knowledge, clarifying issues at hand, and collaboration. Therefore, despite being a digital learner who frequently uses digital technologies, I still recognise the fact that an educational establishment has to provide a room where the student and instructor interact since a student must still have some issues clarified (Prountzos 2015).

Current study skills and how you plan to address any shortcomings

In line with the increase in computer-based delivery systems, I have learnt to use online learning tools, such as Boolean logic, to search for content online. I have tended to rely hugely on technology to learn at own pace. Such an online learning environment has fostered an atmosphere where I am unrestrained from meaningfully engaging with the content.

However, certain areas of subject under study have always remained elusive. Generally, I have discovered that self-learning is not inherently effective as some areas always require clarification from instructors. Hence, I appreciate the vital role that the instructor can play in guiding course-related online learning if the online learning experience has to be effective. For these reasons, I plan to address the shortcomings of self-paced learning by engaging more in face-to-face interaction with the instructor to inquire about the areas of study I do not understand.

Demonstration I would timetable my study

I would create a timetable where some days and times are given online study while some days are left for discussion with instructors and other students. Self-study time would be when I am relaxed and mentally alert. I would include all the subjects in the timetable to make the timetable help me navigate through my course effectively. Priority would be on the subjects I deem to be most important. The activities that I consider as capable of wasting time would be cut. I would not allocate a large chunk of time to online study, as this may lead to a demoralising effect. Rather, the study plan would be balanced. I would allocate reasonable and realistic number of hours for every course. Still, I would leave sufficient time for extra study, as well as time for myself (Onlinestudy Australia 2015).

Whether to study full time or part time, and units are of interest

I expect to study full time. I am interested in unit 6379 (Internet Marketing), as I like to surf the internet while researching about business and marketing trends globally. I am also interested in unit 8730 (Problem Evaluation and Resolution). One motivation for opting for this unit is since I am eager to make many friends in this unit. I hope that this would in turn enable me to learn about working in a group or in teams, particularly while working on a research report. An additional unit of interest is unit 6372 (Marketing Research Methods). I picked interest in this course, as I am eager to acquire an array of skills about research methods.

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