Self-discovery and self-reflection Essay Example

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Summary of Personality Type
The test results provided are an accurate and insightful description of myself. I agree that I am an ESTP based on various aspects. Primarily, I focus externally in a concrete and literal manner; at a secondary level, I employ an internal mode where I only do things that are seemingly logical and rational. I like partying, outgoing with the highest possible level of excitement and enthusiasm. I take risks in a straight-forward manner with little focus on the consequences of my actions. More interestingly, I believe in living today while I have the chance; making decisions fast and executing them immediately and moving on; but using observable facts. It is also true that I have had many problems in my higher education, putting things that are more action-oriented first as opposed to just sitting in a lecture room. I am also undoubtedly extraverted, observant, a thinker, prospecting and turbulent as per the outcomes of the test 2.

Maximizing and Highlighting Personality Strengths in Everyday Life

Being more inclined to action, there is never time to waste on excessive planning. I believe and indulge more on the practical aspects of a project rather than spending time on the theoretical aspects. The result is that most of the projects just turn out great. Second, I view rules as guidelines such that even if I have to be serious with my work, I can’t help but share the joy and enthusiasm in me with others; making work more interesting and captivating. Additionally, without taking risks, it is impossible to gain any meaningful success in any field of life, especially in entrepreneurship. Taking risks involves tapping opportunities and identifying market niches. This is especially strengthened by my ability to see the small details often left out by many people.

Overcoming Personality Weaknesses

The very first step of overcoming any weakness is turning it into a strength and making others know what your perspective and inclination is especially at work. Knowing that I cannot handle strict rules, supervision, planning ahead, I let other people know this so that they do not judge me wrongly when I become too ambitious ar pay less attention to detail and emotions. As such, my colleagues at work are conversant with my personality and appreciate me for whom I am. In fact, most of them come to me when faced with random problems which require fast decisions for solving them.

Compatible personality type

For an ESTP, the best personality type would be an ENTP to work with. Although the two personalities are not exactly congruent and there may be some disagreements from time to time, they bear a lot of similarities and would therefore be the most compatible. First, ENTP, Just like ESTP, views things in a logical and rational manner. The other similarity is that they both have an extraverted mind and are thinkers. The two personalities are also compatible in that people with the personalities do not take much time thinking through theoretical possibilities, but are fast in solving problems and making decisions. They are also highly innovative; with the ENTP seeing possibilities everywhere, the ESTP type is able to come up with ideas and solutions to problems over a short period of time.

Career opportunities and implications of ESTP personality

ESTPs have a lot of unique advantages brought by personality traits. First, they are excellent at assessing and correctly analyzing the perspectives and motives possessed by others at work places since they are very observant people. They also possess people skills which are crucial for interactions with others especially during business and work. ESTPs are therefore excellent salespersons since they are able to engage customers in lively discussions about a product or service, they are able to bring out the motives behind customer buying behaviors even without verbal clues and are also fun to be with. In case of emergencies, ESTPs come up with fast and effective decisions or solutions to problems. This skill is particularly meaningful in action-oriented jobs. ESTPs therefore have the opportunity to uptake jobs in fields such as marketing personnel, detective/police work, emergency medical technician or even being an athlete. The implication of being an ESTP is that people of this personality type cannot work well under highly regimented, structured and confined environment but are more interested in new experiences and meeting new people. They are also fast in action and do not like working with too much detail and under strict rules. It is therefore important for an ESTP to avoid jobs with so many detailed tasks and those that are highly routine.

ESTP at the work place

Being an ESTP, I am able to come up with almost immediate solutions to problems arising at work and later telling other colleagues how I managed to come-up with the solution. Planning for future courses of action is never my priority; problems are tackled in a contingent manner. Working under supervision or strict rules where I cannot experiment, improvise and be allowed to think quickly on my own leads to utter frustration and boredom. As long as my colleagues are doing their part, I find myself being able to easily work through my tasks; hence I get along with just anyone. On the other hand, I always point out if a colleague is being lazy, worse or incompetent since I pay less attention to emotions of others. Being observant, it is possible to detect sudden changes in a colleague’s moods and habits.

Culture and self-awareness

Being an ESTP is rather enjoyable given that ESTPs enjoy new experiences and meeting new people. This means that even when there is resistance for organizational change by other colleagues, an ESTP will most likely embrace any organizational change or cultural shift as long as it does not restrict them from free-thinking or ties them t fixed routines. In essence, being easy to get along with just anyone makes it possible for me to work with people from diverse cultures. My observance also makes it possible to pick up the orientations of other people fast enough hence unlike many other people; it is fun and enjoyable to deal with a diverse culture. My description for cultural self-awareness is that I am an excellent person in dealing with others, knowingly or unknowingly.

Lessons learnt

This exercise has really opened up my mind in that I now know that some of the things I do are not segregated to me alone. At times, I end up thinking that I am heartless or reckless especially when I fail to pay attention to the emotions of other people even though I try letting my colleagues know that it is just my nature. I have also learnt that it is my personality type that makes me so impatient and bored by what I had previously longed for just in a short time span. This exercise will help me to be more resilience with respect to emotions, attention to detail and planning ahead.