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Security Threat Group: New Mexican Mafia Group

The New Mexican Mafia Group

Location within a state

The New Mexican Mafia is an Arizona State, Prison-based gang group that was established in 1984 following a major fall out of some members of the original Mexican Mafia group.

Type of Leadership

The leader of the gang is usually elected by the members through the established voting system conversant to them. The members also vote for matter concerning membership and certain decisions regarding rules and regulations. The leader is vested with the proprietary role of approving and invoking membership of a new member. In addition, the leader is also the only person who can reject any membership. However, the structure of the leadership also provides a consultative platform between the leader and some influential members who may act as advisors too. Like any other security threat group, New Mexican Mafia operate under defined structures and formulate their own rules and regulations that govern their system of operation.

Who normally joins the gang group?

Initially, members of the original Mexican Mafia group used to join the New Mexican Mafia. Many of the people who join New Mexican mafia are prisoners who have been in the prison system for quite some period. New prisoners however, also join the gang group.

How do they recruit from inside or outside?

Many offenders who are recruited in Mexican Mafia are usually recruited for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, some are recruited on the perception or belief that their families do not love them because they are imprisons. So the only family they can now rely on is the Mexican Mafia group. In addition, some are recruited for financial reasons while other are join the gang in order to suit the prison environment and feel safe in their environment.

Type of leadership structure they follow

The leadership structure comprises of a captain who is at the top of the hierarchy, followed by a lieutenants and soldiers. The soldiers who are also called ‘camales’ report any burning matters to the lieutenants who in turn report to the captain of the team. The captain may engage in consultations with the lieutenants concerning an issue. This leadership structure is similar across Mafia groups formed in various correctional facilities.

Types of crimes the gang are known for inside or outside prison

The main criminal activities the New Mexican Mafia group commit are murder and drug trafficking. This organization of gangs coordinate with outsiders to traffic illegal drugs and other illegal dealings. In addition, they also hold family members hostages and ask for ransom failure of which the person is murdered.

The known threat of the gang in prison

The threat of the gang in prison may include causing disorder within the prison system through violence thereby causing disruption while executing correctional programs (Fleisher & Decker 2001). Moreover, murder within the prison and constipations to commit unlawful acts within the prison form part of the threat of this group.


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