Science within Spirituality Essay Example

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Science within Spirituality

Science within Spirituality

Science and religion have for a very long time been at logger heads and this became evident when science began drifting further and further away from religion several centuries ago (Johnson, 1998). The rise of Darwinism took this divide to a whole new level as the story of creation that Christians were accustomed to was threatened (Numbers, 2007, p. 83). To Christians, Darwinism seemed to challenge God’s authority and Christian credibility by liberating science of a Creator. Due to this, Christians have always debated the relationship that science has to faith and has made the rethinking of this relationship a priority. This has been based on three questions; 1) Does science assist or hinders belief? 2) What is the Christian’s response to the pronouncements made by contemporary science? 3) Is there a conflict between science and the Bible? (Numbers, 2007, p. 166)

At the turn of the 21th century, many Christians still continue to wonder whether science and Christianity are partners or adversaries. There have been two conflict positions taken by Christian believers and scientists regarding this relationship; scientism, creationism and intelligent design (Carlson, 2000, p. 13). However, it is true that other positions exist that do hold conflicting positions and are held by present Christian believers (Carlson, 2000, p. 14). Although they hold dear their beliefs, advocates of these alternatives readily accept scientific results and do not consider it a threat their faith. One of these alternative positions is independence, which sees both Christianity and science as parallels and do not interact in any way (Carlson, 2000, p. 15). The other position is integration where Christian believers see science and faith as partners working together and as such, one must influence the other. This position demonstrates a complete spectrum of the science-Christianity relationship and appreciates the both Christianity and fundamentally all the accomplishments of science. Here, Christianity views science not as a threat to faith but as an enhancement to believers’ faith (Carlson, 2000, p. 15).


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