Effective Leadership and Management Essay Example

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This presentation is aimed at examining management systems in a healthcare institution. Here, some of the problems that members of staff face in the course of carrying out their duties in their places of work are examined. Moreover, it seeks to identify some of the challenges that the management faces in the process of assessing their employees’ performances, based on their roles and responsibilities. Besides, it aims at finding out new and better ways that management can use in conducting fair assessment of their employees so as to boost their morale.

Based on the scenario, it is clear that Smiley Hospital is experiencing a great challenge of devising an effective way of evaluating their individual workers fairly according to their different job descriptions. Therefore, the solution for this problem is to identify some of the challenges that the management faces in healthcare institutions. Hospital management often faces challenges in relation with high demand for healthcare provision; shortage of staff, modern yet costly technology, and delivery of high quality of healthcare (Sullivan & Decker, 2009, pp. 24-30). As a result, these pressurize the management to conduct evaluation of the staff in an attempt to deliver quality services and meet all the patients’ needs.

In order to develop better and fair ways of assessing members of staff, hospital management ought to study every job description so as to understand their expected objectives and goals. Consequently, the management can create a performance evaluation criterion for each job description. This is because hospital staff has different jobs that are evaluated differently. The management should also motivate and inspire the workers to achieve more and better results (Stanley, 2006, p. 31). This way, the staff will feel recognized and fairly treated in their work place; thus, they will effectively deliver their services, and help their institutions achieve their objectives.


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