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Scenario related questions 1-5 plus one online e training section. Essay Example

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Scenario Related Question


  1. This conduct is not acceptable because the outcomes related to it can have bad effects on the child who is mishandled. The child can be traumatized, or be physically injured.

  1. In the Victorian Child Wellbeing and Safety Act of 2005, No. 83 of 2005 (p.9), it is stated that those who provide service to children to children and families should:

Protect the children rights as much as possible, respect their identity, and be responsible for their needs. Moreover, they should make intervening decisions between the child and family and ensure timely provision of services. They should also cooperate with professionals.

  1. The legal responsibilities that as an employee I am entitled under this legislation is

To ensure that I protect the rights of the children, accepting and respecting the identity of every child from every culture, while knowing I am held responsible for any for the needs that are to be met under me.

  1. The director of this institution is responsible for making decisions concerning any intervention between the child and the family in a timely manner such that if he/she delays, they may have effect on the child. Still, he/she should also let the family know the various services that their child needs together with the benefits attached to such a service.

  2. The National legislation relating to this scenario that guides it is Section 356 of the Children and Young People act of 2008. This act captures a number of people including the employers or the employees who should report any physical abuse or sexual abuse which justifies my action.

Under this legislation, the first thing I can do is to confirm whether the child has been physically injured and is in need of medical attention. I would also seek to stop the staff member just in case he/she continues smacking the child and inquire why he or she has done so. I will confirm I witnessed the act by recording it and reporting the action.

  1. I would document this incident as physical abuse and record it in the school records of acts against children wellbeing.

Part B: Child Focused Practice

— Mum was so angry with me and really hurt me. I cried. I didn’t really fall off the chair.Robbie:

— That was bad of her to hurt you and make you cry. Wasn’t it?Me:

— Yes. You know, mum sometimes can spank you with anything around you. Robbie:

:- That must have been painful for you?Me

— Yes. My legs were bleeding and very painful; my finger was bruised by the lock of the bathroom door.Robbie:

— And it bled too, I can see the scratch is just beginning to heal, didn’t it?Me:

— Yes. When mum beats me I bleed seriously, she can even pinch you with her nails.Robbie:

— Yes?Me:

— Yes, and I puked when I ate food in the morning. I did not really want any food. I just wanted to cry.Robbie:

— I see, sometimes mums can spoil moods of people with their toughness. It makes it really hard to concentrate on anything else. Doesn’t it?Me:

— The other day she hit John my brother with a cooking stick on the cheek…John was down for some minutes until she became worried…Robbie:

— Thought he’s gone right?Me:

— YesRobbie:

— Well Robbie that was good sharing with you your experience, can we talk more at lunch break? Now you can enjoy with your friends. Bye.Me:

— Bye.Robbie:


Assessor Comment Yes/No

Did you use appropriate non verbal responses to the child or young person by:

  • Using warm and open body language

  • Not showing shock or disbelief

In responding verbally, did you tell the child or young person that:

  • They were very brave to tell you

  • They did the right thing by telling you

  • They have done nothing wrong

  • You believe them

Were you careful not to:

  • Say anything inappropriate/judgemental about the perpetrator?

  • Make promises the you cannot keep

Have you acknowledged the child’s fear in your response?

Have you supported the child to resume play or daily activities following the discloser?



Checklist for Task 3: Disclosure Script

Assessment Task II

Assessment Task 2

Assessing and controlling physical hazards in children’s servicesScenario related questions 1-5 plus one online e training section.

Physical environment to ensure safety and wellbeing of children

1. Numbat (Nursery room)

  1. Mattresses and blankets

  2. boxes for keeping the outer clothes

  3. Dolls/soft toys

2. Tasmanian Devil (Toddler class)

  1. Mattresses and blankets

  2. Dolls and soft toys, teddies

3. Platypus (preschool room)

  1. Changing clothes

  2. Mattresses and blankets

  3. Boxes for keeping outer clothes

Safety precautions for the above groups and best ways of managing them

  1. Numbat Nursery room

  1. The children should sleep on their backs; if they change their position they should be left to sleep so. However, their faces should not be covered with blankets or bed linen. The beddings should be light.

  2. Those who do not sleep be given silent environment.

  1. Tasmanian Devil (toddler class)

  1. They should be allowed to sleep on their backs unless advised otherwise by medical practitioners and should be allowed to sleep on any other position they turn on their own.

  2. If a cot is used they should be placed in a position that they cannot wriggle about under the linen.

  1. Platypus preschool

  1. The children should be allowed to sleep on their backs or any other position they turn.

  2. Preschoolers should not be covered on their faces as they sleep

  3. Those who do not sleep should be allowed to rest in a quiet environment

3. Supervising children and minimizing potential harm

    1. In the group of 23 children, I would divide them into three groups, with two groups of eight, and one of seven. Each group will be supervised by one educator. I would place one group at the swings and tunnel, another at the sand area and another and another at the turf area. This will ensure enough space for each group.

Scenario related questions 1-5 plus one online e training section. 1

    1. Five accidents that may happen in these area include:

      1. Fainting at the swing area

      2. Bruises at the tunnel

      3. Sprains at the sand area

      4. Dislocated limbs at the turf area

      5. Stuffing of eyes with sand at the sand area

To reduce these risks I will ensure that I advise against some actions like throwing objects at each other. I would also inform the educators to keep close watch of the children.

  1. If I see a person loitering outside the fence watching the children I will call that person and ask if there is a way I can help him/her. Still, I will inform the security staff within the school to keep watch. I will also report at the local police station of a strange person watching the children suspiciously.

  1. Following children’s services accident emergency procedures

In case I noticed a Xavier fall at the slide area and get injured, I will rush to the area and inspect the intensity of the injury while consoling the child. I will then take him to the first aid room and give the necessary aid within my reach and call the ambulance or rush him to hospital for more medical actions.

I will also record the information in the school accidents and injuries’ book just in case further information may be needed on the nature of the accident.

To minimise the chances of accidents happening again, I will make sure that always there is a person near where children are to warn them against unsupervised acts. Still, I will enclose the playing areas such that children can only go there with an educator accompanying them.

  1. Implementing infection prevention and control strategies

If a baby has vomited in her cot, I will take the following procedure

First I will remove the baby from the cot and take him/her to the bathroom where I will clean him/her with soap and remove all the clothes he has vomited on. I will also remove that cot and the beddings and take them to a safe place for disinfecting and cleaning. I will also clean and disinfect the bathroom and all the equipment that was used to clean him/her. I will also seek immediate medical attention for the baby.


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