Samsung’s galaxy camera

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Samsung’s Galaxy camera

Samsung’s Galaxy camera


Technology advancement is inevitable and to remain relevant in the market, individuals and organizations have to embrace it fully. This piece of work examines Samsung’s Galaxy camera and the changes that have taken place over the years, thus bringing about the creation of a new product.

I agree that with the Galaxy Camera, Samsung has created a new product category. This is more so because the product seems to beat the others that are available in the market. This makes it play in a completely new category based on its features and added capabilities compared to other models that were previously available in the market. Despite the fact that other manufacturing companies claim to have comparable products in the market for instance SC1630 smart camera from Polaroid, it is evident that the Samsung’s Galaxy camera is on a league of its own, thus the claim of having created a new product category (Case study n.d., p. 235). Sharing of some features with other products does not mean that they are in the same category.

Changes in technology and camera design in the recent past have brought about new products in the market. When features of the camera are advanced compared to previous models, a completely new product is created and even given a different name. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S7 is different from Samsung Galaxy S6. With technological developments, new products that are an improvement of the previous models and with many capabilities are being created and introduced in the market.


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