Sam sheppard case Essay Example

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Sam Sheppard Case

The fascinating issue about the case is the manner in investigations was carried out. The evidence from the DNA acquired from the exhumed body of Sheppard reveal that he was unlawfully convicted for the assassination of his wife. Initially, the DNA revealed that the blood from the scene came from Sheppard’s pregnant wife murdered in their home. The new evidence leaves the “bushy-haired” intruder (Butterfield n.p). The trail of the blood could only have come from the killer with the major question arising as who committed the murder. According to the former window washer, Richard Eberling, the investigators overlooked the evidence of rape considering that the pyjama top were above the breast and bottom down the knees which is an indication of sexual assault. Richard stated that the investigators overlooked as it did not fit the theory that the husband killed her to get rid of the cheating wife (Larkin n.p). However, the extracted semen from her matched the genetic composition of Gilbert, Sheppard’s brother. Even before the revelation of the findings, the prosecutors downplayed the validity of the new evidence citing that the crime scene was trampled. It is the obligation of the prosecutor’s office to investigate the crime and whenever a victim comes with a new evidence of crime, the law compels them to follow through (IIS Windows Server n.p). The investigators undertook poor investigation that led to the death of Sam Sheppard who almost died penniless of the liver disease while insisting that the “bushy-haired intruder” murdered his wife. There are many unanswered questions of guilt, which require consideration as it left a landmark on the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the fair trial rights.

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