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Sales Tracking and Customer Relations Analysis

Table of Contents

Calculations 3

Observations 3

Recommendations 3

Executive Summary

This report seeks to analyze the progress of Ballarat Trade Fair Consultancy (BTFC) as far as the total sales, the total profits as well as the total costs too for the company are concerned. Eventually, recommendations are made based on the analyses that would have been made with regards to the company’s data. Below is a line graph that would represent the current condition of BTFC (Please refer to the excel file attached).

Sales Tracking and Customer Relations Analysis


Please refer to the excel file attached.


h. Looking at the excel file, the best customer is Forrd since their profits were the highest; whereas the worst customers were Comp4You because they cumulatively had the lowest sales.

i.Organization of the Exhibitor Marketing Material (Best), Exhibitor Travel Arrangements (Worst).

j.Sue (Best); Tony (Worst)

k.Depending on the perception, it may increase the profits if workers become motivated as a result of the increase. On the other hand, it can reduce the profits since the pinch may be felt by the company’s finances.


p.Yes indeed. This is because the total profits realized in the business have proven to be somewhat competitive (Please refer to the excel file attached).

q.It would be recommended that the segmentation of the data into many different portions be replaced with an improved one which generally represents a lot of information but in a condensed format (or less tabulations).

r.In order to improve decision – making in BTFC, it would be advisable to include such data as the clients’ feedback for each service offered by the company to its clients.

s.Additionally, it would be recommended that since the records for BTFC for a particular year (such as the current year) seems to be congested, keeping such data/ records differently (or probably in different sheets) would be the way to go. This would hopefully assist in ensuring information accuracy.