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Safe Space Report

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Introduction 3

Summary of the video 3

Summary of literature (literature review) 4

The Observation and the Analysis of the video 5

Observation 5

Analysis 5

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Conclusion 7

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This report delves on a short film “Ronan’s Escape” that was written and directed by Carter AJ. The film is short and stunning and it was set in the countryside wheat belt. The film provides a sincere insight of Ronan’s life. Ronan, a fourteen years old boy had been experiencing bullying in the whole of his life in school (IMDB, 2009). In this regard, Carter came up with a controversial and an accurate way of portraying someone’s life and a victim of bullying and the consequences that do exist in the life of bullying. In this report, I illustrate on the various issues relating to bullying and how this can be avoided and the necessary steps that can be made to ensure that the affected victims recover from the this trauma. The Ronan Escape story does not express a safe pace scenario. This is because it expresses the problems that students face while in their life in school.

Summary of the video

The story in the film was set at wheat belt, a rural area in Australia. In the film we are provided with an insight of the life of Ronan during his time in school. Ronan was a fourteen years old boy who felt to be a bullying victim. In this regard, Ronan is a social outcast in school for so many years. Bullying in schools is a serious issue, and furthermore the most painful act to the victims both mentally and physically. Therefore, Ronan suffered for a very long time by being bullied. But being in a position that cannot be able to match him with physical torture, or standing at a position of winning this war through physical power, Ronan maintained his inner strength. In addition, the story portrays the repercussions that do exist in the bullying act. Finally, the film shows the last hours of Ronan in school before he made his escape.

Summary of literature (literature review)

According to the report in social justice by the Australian Human Rights commission in 2011, cultural safe space is an environment that is always safe to its people; an environment without assault, denial or identity challenges, of not questioning on whom the other people are and what are their needs (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2011). The environment is all about a shared meaning, a shared respect, a shared experience and knowledge of learning, people working and living together with true and dignity listening. However a culture is unsafe when its practises demean, diminish and disempowered others’ cultural identity and individuals’ well being (Victoria Smye, 2010).

A cultural safe space is used in promoting an environmental mainstream context which is culturally competent. A cultural safety idea envisages a process or a space that enables an institution or a community to grapple, or debate, and resolve lateral violence contemporary causes without coercion or any fear. The report further illustrates that cultural safe space conceives and reclaim and create cultural norms and transition environment. It transforms people from victims of oppression to survivors (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2011).

According to Annemarie, cultural backgrounds shape the home lives and identify processes of LGBT youth unique ways. Despite cultural differences, adults have a responsibility to create safe space for youth (Vaccaro, 2012, pp 40-43). By practicing a diversified culture in our institutions, it provides people with important benefits, including an enrichment of students experiences, promote personal growth and movement towards a healthy society through the facilitation of critical thinking and challenging stereotypes, it strengthens communities by preparing students to be citizens in a complex diverse society, and enhances the society to economic strengths by encouraging and utilising the talents of all citizens (Bahner, 2007, pp 4-6).

The Observation and the Analysis of the video


From the video I observed an incident where is hit by a ball that is kicked by a bully at school which causes him to fall into the ground. Afterwards, wile restraining himself he finds a wounded bird that puts in his bag. During a gym lesson, a teacher arranges for a baton race, while in their preparations one of the boys untied Ronan’s shoes laces so that he trips towards his finish line, the intention for this is to make other classmates to jeer him up. Besides this, a bag belonging to Ronan is stolen. Here they toss the bag as Ronan tries to retrieve it before they could hurt the bird that he had put in it. He late found out that the bullies had killed the bird due to the tossing of the bag. Nevertheless, he finds in his bag a piece of paper written “loser,” a word that the bullies are used to call him. Towards the end of the film it shown that he hung himself. Therefore, the video shows a lot of bullying elements in it.


Following my observations from the film, the presence of the various bullying elements or actions that faced Ronan, They resulted to his decision of hanging himself since he could not contain the situation anymore. With this regard the scenario in the film in not expressing a safe space. With regard to the findings in the literature review, a culture is unsafe when its practises demean, diminish, or are disempowering other peoples’ cultural identity and individuals’ well being or rights. In the case of Ronan, the cultural pace was unsafe for him. Ronan’s rights are infringed for instance when a bully boy kicks a ball aiming at him which hit him resulting to him falling down.

In addition, Ronan’s environment could have been safe if it was to be favourable to him. This was to be through staying in an environment that is free from assault, denial, as well as free from identity challenges. On the other hand when the bully students call him a loser it raises questions on who is comparing to other and what are his needs. This raises an issue of discrimination. Furthermore, bullying did not provide Ronan with an environment that has a sharing meaning, a shared respect, or neither an environment that can enable him to share his experience or knowledge with other. This is observed when one of the boys unties Ronan’s shoes laces so that he can fall down while he is competing with others.

The suffering of Ronan without any intervention from the authority or any other adult implies that the responsible parties did not institute policies or measures that could help his situation. The parties were unable to stop contemporary causes of lateral violence or initiate a debate that could resolve the problem without coercion. It also did not create cultural norm or a transition environment that could transform the bully students.


Form the findings in this report, it has been noted that bullying in is a major problem and a painful experience to the victims. Victims are adversely affected both physically and mentally. In the regard I have come up with various recommendations that should be implemented by the responsible authorities in order to bring to a halt to this problem or in order to create a cultural safety space environment. For instance, like any other approach of dealing with any kind of violence, one of the steps to be taken is to name the issue of lateral violence and bullying in our institutions so as to make it stop.

The second step is to seek necessary and strong partnership from other organisations and the community that is involved. Therefore, in this case of bullying of young children or students in schools, to respond to it we need to seek a tough alliance between parents, schools, and children. This will enable our institutions to be able to realize and prevent any case of bullying in our school. On the other hand, the school institutions should set programs whereby pupils or students learn social lessons relating to violence and there effects to the victims. Further, they should set up counselling departments whereby they will offer their guidance both to the bullying perpetrators and the victims.


Since school bullying has been one of the serious matters in various schools, and also it has been one of the most painful issues to the victims both mentally and physically, learning institutions should put strong measure to deal with it. According to the film, Ronan experienced a lot of problems during his life in school because of the bullying issue; this must have had a negative impact in his performance in class works due to mental torture. In addition it let to his escape. Therefore, the implementation of strong measures in protecting and preventing bullying victims will enhance a smooth successful learning environment in the various learning institutions. Besides this, the creation of cultural security and safety in our society will promote an empowered and positive environment which will be able to solve lateral violence problems.


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