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Safe Space Report

Table of Contents

3Introduction 1.

31.1 Background

31.2 Scope

3Summary 2.

4Summary of Literature 3.

5Video Analysis 4.

6Discussion 5.

7Recommendations 6.

8Conclusion 7.


  1. Introduction

1.1 Background

Many at times the term safe space has been taken for something else other than what it actually means. Some scholars for example have described safe space as being a state of comfort in which a student or a particular people in the society feels comfortable and generally free from pain. This however is not entirely true. In fact, safe space strictly does not mean absence of pain or discomfort, but instead an environment where a group of people are challenged to learn, explore and think critically in order to solve societal issues (Positive Space. «The Positive Space Campaign», 2011). .

1.2 Scope

Based on the brief provided in the background above, this report sought to focus on a YouTube video Extracting sugarcane juice in the backyard whose contents clearly provide some insight on what exactly entails safe space. It is a video that basically explains the extraction of homemade juice from sugarcane.

1.3 Aim

The aim of this report is to provide a clear understanding of what safe space really is as opposed to what is commonly known out there on the same.

  1. Summary

The video to be discussed in this report is called “Extracting sugarcane juice in the backyard”. This video basically talks about the process that could be undertaken in making homemade sugarcane juice without necessarily going through the costly and lengthy industrial processes that may not be economical for the small domestic consumptions. What I discover interesting from the excerpt is what the inventor says about what actually challenged him to come up with this simple technology. He says how the need for locally – made sugarcane juice and in small quantities by the surrounding locality motivated him into coming up with this system. This reminded me of what we had learnt in class about what basically entails safe space. His safe space apparently made him become an innovator.

  1. Summary of Literature

In simple terms, the word safe space may be defined as an environment where people do not feel like they are threatened, judged or even hated. It is a space that involves people being very positive about their environment since they are not prone to any fear whatsoever of being victimized. According to,
«Tips and Strategies for Creating a Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth», (24 March 2012), this ideally is where creativity and the challenge to accomplish even more in life comes in. culturally, safe space is realized when everyone in the society is free to participate in a given setting without any restrictions whatsoever and therefore giving them a leeway to coexist.

In circumstances where people in the society are experience problems as regards to the cultural diversities, the need to establish safe space comes in handy. Unsafe spaces in the society are not just healthy at all and should therefore be done away with as much as possible. Safe space however does not mean, and should not be taken to mean the total absence of problems and conflicts in the society, but it should reflect a peaceful coexistence amongst the members of any given society, especially culturally (Positive Space. «The Positive Space Campaign» et al., 2011).

In case of an unsafe space in the society for example, members of that particular society may not be able to freely and objectively express themselves without fear. They will always have some timidity and as a result may hide a lot of issues affecting them due to fear of being victimized (Office of Student Life. «Positive Space Campaign», 2011). A good example is the notion that a raped woman or man for that matter is necessarily infected with STIs. Due to this unsafe space for the victims, they may feel some fear in freely publicly revealing their ordeals. A safe space therefore should be created in such circumstances too (Positive Space. «The Positive Space Campaign» et al., 2011).

  1. Video Analysis

Like it was mentioned in the previous sections of this report, the video chosen for this report in regards to safe space was entitled, “Extracting sugarcane juice in the backyard .” this video was carefully selected with a view of providing an insight into a better understanding of what safe space literally means in broader terms.

This video excerpt talks about an inventor who, by the virtue of being allowed the freedom of the mind and thought, came up with a system used for extracting juice out of sugarcane at least on the smaller scale. The safe space within which he thrived blatantly exposes itself even in the way the inventor is seen expressing himself in the video. The confidence says it all. He does dwell so much on how the society within which he lives accelerated him into doing what he did, but looking at what he says and how he says it, one is able to nod that there is indeed some safe space in his society. Otherwise, he may not have done it. A scene of the video is shown in the Figure 1 below:

Safe Space Report

Figure 1: Extracting sugarcane juice in the backyard

He explains the operation of the equipment right from his backyard where he does the actual demonstration of its functionality. He is seen moving from one point of the parts of the equipment to another as he does his explanation using a wonderfully interactive mode of communication.

  1. Discussion

According to «Tips and Strategies for Creating a Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth» et al., (24 March 2012), virtually all segments of this video portray an environment that is safe. In scene two of the video for example, it becomes apparent that the surrounding community within which the inventor (the main character in this case) lives is quite accommodative, collaborative and supportive. This can be clearly visualized when he says that the society from which he comes has treated him like one of their own, despite the fact that his roots are not from that locality (his family bought land in the area some half a decade ago).

After watching this video, one can only conclude that it was created with one main purpose: to bring out the various ways and opportunities through which the society can lay foundations for her individuals’ success and creativity. This is what safe space, especially in the general setting of the society at large, is all about.

Unsafe space in this case, would have caused the locals in the video to become hostile to this inventor due to their intolerance to cultural diversities. The fact that he was not originally a resident of the area, it would have been almost impossible for a society that is culturally intolerable (and therefore unsafe space) to give him all the necessary support that he says he received from those fellow residents. And as a matter of fact, their creation of a safe space especially to this young man eventually bore fruit.

  1. Recommendations

Having looked at the various safe and/ or unsafe spaces in the video discussed, it would be prudent to put a few recommendations forward so that an objective and out-of-the-box understanding of what safe space is can be clearly established. It would be important to mention propose for example that it be understood as clearly as possible that safe space is not necessarily a scenario where there is absolutely no conflict or misunderstanding, but a situation where the unfortunate cases of misunderstanding and conflicts are maturely handled with the greatest level of tolerance («Tips and Strategies for Creating a Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth» et al., 24 March 2012). This report also recommends that safe space ought to be taught with a broader mind so that it is not just confined to the thought that a safe space is all about a perfect environment that can be compared to a safe haven.

  1. Conclusion

In conclusion therefore, one can clearly see that safe space is ideally there to ensure cultural diversity tolerance as well as other coexistence prerequisites and not merely the absence of the day to day conflicts and misunderstandings. In fact, many misunderstandings are bound to be experienced in a safe space since everyone is allowed their freedom to express themselves and relieve themselves of their burdens in the heart. The only thing would be the ability of safe space inhabitants to sort out their misunderstandings more amicably than any other intolerable society would do.


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