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  • Change is a strategic issue which its success depends on the effort put in by the leadership and the overall commitment of employees. While enacting change in any given organization, focusing on organizational values, organizational structure, environmental trends and the general entrepreneurial feelings, play a very major role in ensuring success
  • A well managed organizational change process is always embraced by everybody. Change is an organizational strategy taken as a measure to deal with emerging management issues and contingencies.
  • Change management is a process which according to Kurt Lewin involves three major steps unfreezing, moving and refreezing i.e. preparing the whole organization including employees, taking necessary change initiatives and managing their progress and finally, reconciling all routine systems, behaviors and goals as well as rewarding them
  • For change to be successful, it’s always important to allow participation of all key stakeholders from the onset, present change as a process to improving quality of workers and enhancing organizational productivity and working on strategies that conflicts can be solved and autonomy of individuals assured.
  • Organizational change in various organizations has been necessitated by the need to penetrate into the global markets as a result of globalization of trade and introduction of new technology which supports global business.
  • It has been learnt that there are two main approaches to change namely: hard and soft. The hard approach addresses issues such as goals and objectives of the company while soft approach is concerned with seeing the organization as a social entity.


  • As a management student, by attending these presentations on organizational change I was able to learn a number of things of which to my understanding could help make a a good leader to organizational change. First, through these presentations, I am able to identify those issues that may be perceived as obstacles to change and how they can be handled. Second, as a management student I am now able to conceptualize different issues such as organizational values and behaviors that are very critical in organizational change. Finally, the skills learned from this course are also important in identifying the best approach to change which will take into considerations the needs of all stakeholders.

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