Role Play Scenarios

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Role Play Scenarios


Manager: The purpose of this meeting is to discuss poor customer service complaints that have been reported to us by our customer. Lately there have been cases of complaints from our client on lengthy delays in getting services on time. It is of importance to realize that after thorough follow-up, I have noticed that the problem has been as a result of filing documents incorrectly, leading to lengthy delays and poor customer service.

Employee: Sir, I am truly sorry that you are upset for the inconvenience my conduct has caused you and the whole organization. I had some challenges in sorting out the files, but I have managed to sort the problem. In the future, we could enhance our client relations as I will be prompt and records will be recorded appropriately. I take full responsibility regarding my absence and I understand that my conduct did not meet the standard that this organization expects from their workers. It is regrettable that my negligence has put the reputation of this company at risk. If there is anything that I can do to gain your trust again I would be willing to do.

Manager: I want to assure you that I am very much ready to put this matter aside. We will do anything in our ability as the management of this organization to make sure every employee is comfortable and there is a good working environment. As the Manager Iam committed to seeing you succeed but you as an employee should put company interests your top priority.


Manager: It has come to my attention that you have been consistently late in submitting data reports that you are required to distribute each Monday. This has affected other employees, who depend on that data, to be late with their weekly analysis reports. I additionally might want you to understand that this kind of behavior can hurt the organization including workers and customers. It is possible to find other employees copying the behavior.

Employee: I would like to offer my sincerest apology for my misconduct of submitting data report late. A personal situation came up, and I got distracted. It is regrettable, but I am willing and committed to learning from my mistake. Also, I have taken all the fundamental measures to make sure that such kind of behavior does not happen again in the future. It’s important that you keep on trusting me and with time I will show you that I respect my duties.

Manager: This kind of behavior will not be tolerated in the future. My office will start initiative of looking at employee’s welfare for better productivity in addition we will create reliable communication channels for all employees so as to help them address personal challenges that they may encounter. Please note that my office remain open if you have any problem that might hinder you from performing your duties as is required of you feel free to contact my office for any assistance.


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