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Role Play Interview Report

Role Play Interview Report

Selection Criteria

Position Title: Cook

Primary Role

The cook will be expected to assist the Chef on duty through an efficient and effective operation of the hotel in planning, preparation, cooking, and provision of all catering services to customers in a timely and the most cost effective manner. This entails the smooth and efficient functioning of the kitchen involving the preparation of the highest quality food and food products with emphasis on aspects such as hygiene, quality, presentation, kitchen cleanliness, and portion control among others.

Key Selection Criteria

  • Substantial experience as a qualified a cook in a hotel or similar food and beverage service related environment in the hospitality industry.

  • Confidently demonstrate knowledge of modern mean preparation and presentation essentials and the ability to use that knowledge to create a wide array of catered function operations based on scale, style, and scope.

  • Confidently demonstrate café and kiosk knowledge requirements and the potential to utilize such knowledge to create a variety of meal offerings for various events.

  • Well developed interpersonal and communication skills within the hospitality industry environment.

  • Confidently demonstrate important knowledge in best work procedures and best practices in hospitality and catering areas, together with an understanding of legislative needs that relate to health and safety standards in food preparation.

  • Demonstrate problem solving and high level of organizational skills to handle multiple and competing priorities within the workplace.

  • Ensure quality food at all times

  • Ensure food is well prepared for cooking

  • An ability to set clear goals, and achieve them while the same time maintains flexibility.

  • Demonstrate an ability to work as a team.

  • Demonstrate ability to competently train and supervise other staff within the hotel.

  • An awareness of hospitality issues in relation to food production, health, and food safety.

  • Demonstrate an deeper understanding of the importance of superior customer service, hygiene and safety at all times.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Liaise with the Chef on duty and develop catering requirements for catering events and other events to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality and presentation of all meals and other foods and beverage.

  2. Ensure a professional and courteous customer relationship management approach to all enquiries, respond in a timely and effective manner to customer complaints, ensure appropriate changes related to food and beverage production operations and provide briefings on day to day basis.

  3. Ensure that any other task that is reasonably important within the skills, training, and competency of the incumbent as may be deemed appropriate from time to time by the immediate supervisor.

  4. Ensure compliance of all safety and quality standards in the kitchen and other places within the hotel environment through an ability to anticipate the future trends in a rapidly changing food production industry.

  5. Ensure all duties and tasks are scheduled appropriately and clearly to avoid role conflict among other crisis situation that can prevent efficiency at the work place.

  6. Always observe teamwork and constantly seek customer feedback to ensure complaints are minimized through continuous improvement.

  7. Maintain and observe environmental care through activities that impact minimally to the environment through the use of best business practices and code of ethics at all times.

Interview questions for the position of a cook

  1. Please tell us who is Jameson Marcus

  2. What type of formal skills do you possess?

  3. What are some of your expectations regarding this role?

  4. Kindly describe your personality

  5. Do you prefer working as a team or as an individual, and why?

  6. What is your source of motivation?

  7. What is it that demotivates you?

  8. What would you do to motivate others at work?

  9. What are your career goals in the next 5 years?

  10. Do you possess any current certification on hygiene? If yes which level?

  11. Briefly describe how a kitchen team works

  12. Could please describe a dish or cuisine that you are currently cooking

  13. What type of cuisine best demonstrates your creativity in this sector?

  14. What action would you take if you started cooking and found that you lacked some ingredients you needed?

  15. What would your response during times of increase and decrease in consumer flow?

  16. Given such a position, what would you do to ensure shift changes run smoothly?

  17. What type of certifications do you possess in your area of expertise?

Letter to Unsuccessful Applicant

Jameson Marcus

6th Street

11th Au, 2016

Dear Jameson

Interview Results of Application for the Cook Position

Thank you for being one of the applicants for the cook position advertised for our organization, and attending the interview.

We appreciate the interest that you expressed and taking your time to come for the interview as advertised in the print media and our website. However, I am writing to notify you that after careful consideration you were not successful and the position was offered to another candidate whose qualifications and experience we found proficient and suitable to effectively deliver in this capacity.

Once again, thank you for your interest in this post. I hope you will soon be successful in finding a suitable position.

I Wish you the very best in your future career and other endeavors.

Yours Sincerely

Cathy Ann

HR Manager

Letter to Successful Applicant

Ricky Lee

2nd Matching Street,

Terratoria 5617

Dear Ricky Lee

It was a great pleasure to interview you on the August 5th 2016 and I was amazed by your skills, abilities, and competencies in the post we had advertised. Your overall skills, abilities, and experiences met out expectations for the position we had advertised. We are therefore delighted to have you fill this position as part of our committed workforce in our organization. It is my sincere hope that our competitive benefits and compensation provided by our organization will please you.

Let me take this opportunity to outline our terms in the offer. The salary is $45,000 per annum, with annual discretional remunerations. There also exists a three weeks paid vacation per year and twelve sick leave days. We wish to inform that you will commence on the September, 1st 2016. Please let me know by phone as soon as possible if you accept this conditional offer, so that we may forward to you the necessary forms to complete in order to obtain approval of your appointment.

In the interim, if you have any questions about this offer, please contact Jasmine on +916720560781.

Yours sincerely

Jessica Rolls

HR Manager


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