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4Rise of China: Book review

Schmitt (2009) in his work the ‘Rise of China’ which takes a closer look and the roots of China in terms of governance up to the economic champ it is becoming today. In the light of politics and security of contemporary Asia, the rise of china has had a looming effect in the eyes of the contemporary world. This has led to the growth of a group of historians and analysts who have embarked on a task of tracing the roots of China to an upcoming modern state it is today. Among such curious researchers include

Schmitt (2009) argues in his book that China emerges and will continue to emerge as a chief opponent of the world’s super power, United States in the imminent years. Though China has huge debt burden from the United States, it is still on the move to supersede the supreme power. Its large population of over 1.3 billion populace contributes a great mile to the emergence of this ‘super power’.

millennium B.C., literacy, power, and history went in concert (Schmitt 2009 pp 79). This early forms of civilization led to what Schmitt describes as ‘Development of the Future Power’. China is certainly on the verge of reclaiming its precedent consigns on the global juncture. With technological leverage taking toll in China, they have all that it takes to generate own energy and conclusively create multi-polar world. It is this fact that led to research by analysts who hold the view that politics and security of modern Asia is destabilizing the global political front. China is emerging as a ‘soft power’ affluent in technological endowments that has led to mass production of industrial goods which has claimed a wide market all over the world. In his book, Schmitt (2009) continues to utter that China is now becoming a ‘smart power’ to mean this state is a blend of striking economic might which he refers to as ‘hard power’ and military muscle referred to as ‘soft power’. Endowed with this valve of both ‘soft power’ and ‘hard power’, it is evident that China is turning the world politics take a new turn making the United States find an option of adopting the looming country in the United Nations International Affairs. stA glimpse of China’s past enables the historian foresee the possibility of China’s future (Schmitt 2009). Much of the China’s past is incredibly inspiring as depicted in its ancient manuscripts and books. These written materials indicate the organization of China’s organization as well as transactions undertaken by the government. He quotes that into the new epoch of textual documentation by 1

Basically, the International relations has taken a new shape in attempt to incorporate China in the global politics both in the economic and political front. The main concern of the U.S is that its supposedly future of power may be soon be eclipsed by the glowing star-China. Though wars may be prevalent in Asia, it seems Asia is all set for it with its ‘smart power’.


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