Right to Life Essay Example

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4Right to Life

Based on my reading, I have realized that the right to life seems to be the most fundamental one when compared to all the other rights. In this regard, everyone irrespective of their race, origin or ethnicity has a right to life, liberty as well as security. I have also released that, there exists some controversies as there are problems that exist when it comes to define the scope of the right at the edge that is where life begins or ends. But the right seems to be incomplete and as illustrated when by the application of the most important laws mostly in time when armed conflict is taking place (O’Byrne, 2003).

I have also learnt that, states have an essential role that they need to play by ensuring that there are criminal laws aimed at punishing individuals who in any way deprive other individuals from enjoying their right to life for instance, by engaging in culpable homicide, manslaughter and murder. Such kind of laws should aim at deterring the potential offenders and prosecuting those who engage in unlawful deprivation of life. I also learnt that for states have an obligation of investigating in an open and transparent way any instance of deprivation of life. Also in relation to the states, I also learnt that states are expected to take all the necessary and possible actions so as to reduce infant mortality as well as increase the life expectancy of individuals. This can be best achieved by adopting measures that are aimed at eliminating epidemics and malnutrition (Piotrowicz & Kaye 2000).

I am of the opinion that, though there exists a lot of debate on when life starts and end, it would be advisable to extend the right of life to the unborn child though such attempts have failed in past. Another controversy is created when it is stated that, states have a right to kill in certain circumstances such as in the prevention of a greater loss of life and so as to quell a insurrection or riot, for instance, in preventing the escape of a individual who is detained lawfully or to effect a lawful arrest (Smith, 2005). Thus, at all times, the states and individuals need to ensure that the right to life of every individual is upheld and measures taken on an individual who disregards the law relating to this right. The right should only be deprived only in instances that have been approved and enforced in the law.


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