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How to use rhetorical statements in advertisements 3



Shell 2014 came up with an advertisement slogan that was informed of a rhetorical question as discussed below. We needed to revise this slogan so as to come up with best ethos pathos and logos in this slogan. We hope to come up with the best writing concise and enhance the use of rhetorical statements in advertisement. We were also to satisfy readers that Shell 2014 had a great idea and make it understood by readers why Shell decided to use this slogan for advertisement.

Rhetorical analysis

Different authors have different definition of rhetorical analysis however it can be defined as essays that breaks non-fiction work into parts explaining how the parts work together to create various effects i.e. whether to persuade entertain or inform creating interactions between the text, the author and the audience.

Rhetorical statements can be applied in the form of advertisements as used by Shell this is because they can apply best in the advertisement sector. Rhetorical statements are life time learning experience this is because they are self-explanatory and are continuous learning since new rhetorical statements can be researched daily.

People have different ideas about rhetorical statements and how they apply in our culture. Some rhetorical statements can be adopted by the culture as a norm example: a certain culture may emerge that giving children poor juice is a norm in the culture hence that community will always buy quality juice for their children. I may also adopt a trend of buying quality juice since from the rhetorical statement it is warning that bad quality juice might be unhealthy and always prefer to offer what is best.

Since people are educated they tend to buy adopt that quality goods are best and cheap is expensive thus educated people will always prefer to buy quality juice. This is because they are not ready to suffer any side effects of poor quality juice.

The rhetorical statement “The kids love juice, so why not give them the highest quality of it?” (Shell, 2014) The task of the rhetorical statement is to convince the audience which is the juice buyers why they should buy quality juice if their children like juice. This statement furthermore, explains why children should be given quality juice simply because they love juice hence should be given high quality since they opt to drink juice over various things they can do. This rhetorical statement help convince the audience that their actually helping them in providing the best quality juice for their children. This statement however, help persuade customers to buy the product thus there is need to use rhetorical statements in advertisings various products. Rhetoric can be said to be a language art. Ethos, pathos and logos are rhetorical appeals to evaluate the language applied on the slogan. The pathos used in this statement is the audience’s emotion of the love for kids. It describes the attempt to appeal to the people who love their kids and their kids love juice then they should opt to buy quality juice. Logos is used hence to make the statement logical thus the reason and conclusions are shown since parents who love their kids will buy them quality juice. The company’s ethos is strong since with the specific audience been the parents the factory produces the highest quality juice thus buying your children juice from this company will be a wise choice since they produce the best quality juice.

The ethos is an appeal which helps convince someone of the character of the persuader. In our rhetorical statement the ethos is the company doing the advertisement since it is convincing parents whose children like juice why they should buy the best quality juice. The company uses this rhetorical statement as an expert to enhance credibility of the juice to the audience been addressed and reasons why they should buy the company’s product since they are of high quality. Generally, high quality goods are regarded to be the best for consumption since their termed as healthy therefore the company uses this statement to expertise its products.

The Logos in this rhetorical statement makes it make sense thus the audience are convinced why they should buy the best quality juice if their children love juice. The logos explain the reason why and the conclusion the reason been children who like drinking juice thus the conclusion states that they should be bought the quality one since they like it concluding that parents who love their children will always buy quality juice.

The pathos is the audience emotion for their love of kids. This rhetorical statement makes the audience have emotions of love to their kids thus feeling the need to buy them quality juice. This emotion makes the parents feel convinced why they should buy goods from the company since they love their children who love quality juice thus buying the quality juice which can be found in their company.

These three appeals however can be said to be the three main appeals in a rhetorical statement. These are because they help make the statement make sense convincing the audience why they should buy products from a certain company. The impact of these three statements is to persuade the audience why they should buy their products and the consequences if they do not buy their products maybe their children will not be contented when they’re not bought quality juice.

Rhetorical analysis

In her article “the kids love juice, so why not give them the highest quality of it” this statement is an advertise slogan which makes the audience i.e. parents feel that their benefiting hence persuading them to buy the particular brand of juice. The company came up with this slogan likely because they knew children love juice that are the target market for their products thus persuading their parents their companies produces the best juice. Every child would like juice from a company they see on television since their convinced that juice from that company is tasty and for the children who love juice. It makes sense for this company that an advert such as this will help promote their products since they use their target market to advertise their product.

The first sentence the kids love juice is the main idea because it explains what we are to talk about in the advert and sounds as the reason for the advertisement.

The second sentences so why not give them the highest quality of it conveys the writers support to the main idea by identifying and providing a specific example why they should buy the juice from the company. This statement appeals to audience an emotion as to why they should buy quality juice for their children who like juice promising audience i.e. parents that their company produces the best quality juice to be consumed by their children. This statement also challenges the audience why they do not buy quality juice for their children who deserves quality juice since that is what they love and be provided to them because they are loved by their parents.

This rhetorical statement is also used as an advert since it provides plenty of evidence and support as to why the audience should buy quality juice. This is because their children deserve to be bought quality products which can be found in this company simply because parents love their children and always buy quality products of what they love.

The ethos is therefore challenges parents as to why they don’t buy quality goods for their children making them convinced as to why their children need quality goods and the reason they should buy them since their healthy and that what their children love.

This statement also raises the high emotions for parents as to why they should provide quality products to their children the pathos makes them feel convinced that their children are entitled to quality products since they deserve the best from the especially what children like consuming most of the time. The fact that children love juice from our rhetorical statement is enough to help convince the audience as to why they should be bought quality juice.

The tone in this rhetorical statement should be objective and can make an argument that is convincing to the audience as to why they should buy products from their company.


Generally, advertising using rhetorical statements is more appealing since it helps seem that the company is actually caring about their consumers. It seems that this company is willing to produce quality juice which can be consumed by children convincing the audience that quality juice is best for children and everyone is aware that quality products are healthy thus should be given to those we love such as our children.

They also help create the need as to why we should take care of the ones we love thus giving them our best and always making sure what they love is provided and they can always enjoy taking what they love since it’s of best quality.


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