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Technology innovation 2

Phases in commercialization

4.1. Innovation and R&D

At a given point in life all human beings need help despite their economic status or age. Both technology and health matters have changed drastically over the years. Within the health sector, various inventions have been realized to respond to emerging and existing personal illnesses. While some failed to survive the market threats; some did. Some reasons accounted for the failures are among others: in consisted analysis, sophisticated and costly technology. Nevertheless, our R&D department discovered a new device within the health setting known as Smart Doctor. The gadget can be used to carry out vital signs assessment such as pulse rate, body temperature, blood glucose levels and blood pressure monitoring. The device has also other attached qualities: can be operated using smart phones of Sony and Apple type, it is cheap and compact. When used in smart phones, the gadget gathers information using sensors. The gathered data is then displayed on the screen. It can sense the seriousness of the patient condition and relay the information wirelessly to the physician email and raise alarm to get the doctors attention. Smart phones have penetrated the current market. It is an added advantage to the commercialization of this device because it can be used on them. In addition, multi-tasking the smart phone ensures that the doctor does not incur extra cost as well as increasing its use.

4.2. Marketing strategy for Smart Doctor

Smart Doctor is being manufactured by “S5 cooperation”. Although the company has all IP rights for this technology, the product is not known in the current market. Therefore, Smart Doctor will best be sold through the Smart phone (Sonny and Apple) company partnership. To facilitate this, S5 cooperation will provide the Sonny and Apple partners the license to sell Smart Doctor hand in hand with their Smartphone according to terms and condition agrrement. By doing this, the new technology will benefit from economic gains thereafter.

4.3. Benefits of Sonny and Apple alliance

  1. They will mutually benefit from large sales as we promote our new product.

  2. Smart Doctor will gain an opening to the wide-world market.

  3. Smart Doctor may attract customer base who wants to use it.

  4. The new product will benefit in using the existing infra-structure

  5. The Smart phone company has profound market know how an advantage to Smart Doctor.