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Communication Skills Revision

1. The best definition of a sentence is: (b) a group of words that usually has a subject and a predicate.

2. To maximize study effectiveness, students should: (a) read relevant material before a class

3. One of the principles of academic writing is: (a) to apply critical thinking

4. The best way to avoid plagiarism is: (a) to only use your own words.

5. The first step in doing an assessment task is to: (a) Brainstorm the question

6. Literacy is: (c) the ability to read and write

7. Pre-reading for lectures and tutorials is important because 🙁 c) it helps us to have an idea about the topic

8. Paraphrasing in essays and reports is when: (b) words from a source are re-expressed in our own words and cited

9. Academic writing techniques include the following: (a) using the third person and not the first person in written responses.

10. Proof reading techniques include checking work carefully to ensure that the correct format has been used, written work makes sense, and claims made are supported by research. (All of a, b, and c are correct).

11. The characteristics of clear writing does not include: (b) using emotional language to gain the support of assessors.

12. The benefits of researching subjects and topics results in: (b) exposure to different ideas and views.

13. The last stage of an exam is: (c) The stand stage

14. Harvard Citations used for direct quotations: (d) require the name, year and page number.

15. The copying of key words in paraphrases and summaries: (c) is acceptable only if they are synonyms.

16. In a Harvard format Reference list: (b) an author’s name is ordered according to the given name first.

17. Oral presentations do: (b) require as much preparation as essays and reports.

18. In a Harvard format reference list entry: (c) you must provide the names of all authors in the order in which they appear on the title page or cover page.

19. A synonym is a word that has: (c) a similar meaning but a different word.

20. It is acceptable to one of the following when doing research for assignments: (c) Academic sources.

21. Most study needs to take place outside the tertiary level classroom because it gives the students an opportunity to practice the set of skills learnt in class while interacting with the life situations that were modelled or simulated in class.

22. Research is needed to write an essay or report because it gives your work credibility so that readers can believe what you have stipulated in the paper by demonstrating that you sought out similar information from experts in the field.

23. Students should read more than just textbooks because it helps them improve their creativity. They can have different perspectives to the subject. Another reason is that students understand better when different forms of literature are used for instance images, videos, or maps.

24. MOVE THREE of a body or a general paragraph divides the ideas presented in the body into three segments namely the introduction, body, and conclusion. The first sentence introduces the main point that the writer intends to put across. The second sentence or section puts more emphasis to the idea by giving details or examples to support your main point. The third sentence repeats the main point using closing remarks that support the whole paragraph.

25. Five examples of materials or sources that can be plagiarised:

  1. Websites

  2. Journals and articles

  3. Images, videos and music

  4. Another student’s work.

26. The three actions that need to be done to prepare to respond to an assignment task include understanding the question using process words, planning your writing, and gathering information as you build your list of resources.

27. Referencing is important in academic writing since it enables the writer to give credit to other researchers and acknowledge their ideas. It also allows your reader to track down the sources you used by citing them accurately in your paper by using footnotes, a bibliography or a reference list.

28.The advantages of using a slide show in an oral presentation is that it helps your audience to follow through your presentation and focus on its message as well as sharing with those who were not present during the presentation. Videos, images, audio notes, and graphs can be added to the presentation to make it interesting. On the other hand, the disadvantages include the fact that the presentation file can get lost due to a computer virus or accidental deletion. Also, technical hitches can delay the delivery or quality of the presentation. The success of your presentation relies of the effective functioning of the technology involved.

29. SUMMARY 1:

According to Juarez and Munch, 2015, a huge number of individuals are withdrawing from using social media and technology in communication. Research was conducted at the University of Wisconsin (UW) to study this trend. It was revealed that a significant number of people are deliberately reducing their use of social media, texting and smartphone applications. The major reason for this behaviour is that people are seeking to strike a balance in their lives and re-uniting with their lost human contacts.


According to an article by Nerk, Brue and Boorstein, 2015, using devices such as smartphones and tablets to distract the attention of a child could result in a number of negative impacts as far as their social-emotional growth is concerned. The child’s ability to learn self-control will be impaired. Researchers at the Boston university School of Medicine examined various types of communication devices and raised concerns about their use as educational tools.

30. General Writing

Paraphrasing: it is the act of re-expressing words in a sentence or phrase such that they bring out the same meaning but with different words. In order to paraphrase you can use synonyms or you can change the order of words in the sentence. Also, you can change the form of the word from a noun to a verb, or adjective to an adverb. Paraphrasing is an essential writing skill because it helps you to avoid plagiarism.

Academic Writing

Citation: is a way of telling the reader of your paper that part of the content in your work was obtained from a different source. It gives the reader the information required to locate that source such as the author, date it was published, and its title in case they would prefer to read further. There are different styles of citation and it is an important skill because it allows you to give credit to the original author.

31. a) (Ghore, Proven & Shuttley 2015, p. 26).

b) (Chucker 2014, p. 7)

c) (Brown 2015, p. 7)

d) (Brewster et al. (2015, p. 243)

32. Plagiarism is presenting an idea or product obtained from an existing source as new and original without giving credit to the rightful author of that source. Plagiarism is considered as academic misconduct since it constitutes intellectual dishonesty for failing to acknowledge words borrowed from another person’s ideas or work and presenting them as your own. Plagiarism is therefore a serious offence and students can avoid it by ensuring they do not copy verbatim more than two words in a row from the source used, citing the source in your work, and using quotation marks when quoting directly from the source used.

33. Collusion is a form of cheating which occurs when people work together in a deceitful way to develop a submission for an assessment which has been restricted to individual effort. It is thought as academic misconduct since it involves practicing unauthorised collaboration where students are required to produce assignments independently except where they are asked to participate in a group task or a joint response to a task.

34. Time management is an important aspect when preparing to study especially for an exam. Students can manage their time well by ensuring that they prioritise their activities starting from those things they absolutely have to do including university deadlines. It is also important that the student becomes flexible but realistic because things can take longer than expected. In order to achieve the expected outcome, the student must avoid procrastinating things.