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Review of group project document

Group members names

Top page

Software Design document (DSS) is a team project report for music school administration system.

The top cover of the report and the abstract are on the same page, there should be a clear distinction between the top cover which contains title of the project members and the institution details. The top cover is not up to standard since an abstract is embedded in the first paper. Document editor on the first paper is also not the correct title for the person who does occasional changes on the document. The correct title should be document editor.


The first sentence of the abstract should not have be in the abstract but on the first top page of the assignment “this report is submitted as partial fulfillment of course 433-340”. The table of content is a standard one and has subtitles that are helpful for the reader. However, the table of content is not linked to each page where the reader can just click on the table of content and get to the section. The sections are well labeled according to MLA style.

Entire body

The document offer statements that are complete and clear but in some sections there are statements that are not complete and clear. For instance; “The purpose of the software is to

integrate information the client currently stores in Microsoft Excel, into an interactive

database, storing details of students, staff and classes of the Music School.” This shows that the project will deal with the database modeling; however the document further illustrates the user interface which is web based system. Therefore, the statement is not clear to the readers. The project document uses simple and clear language with definitions of the terms used in the document. The content is simple and clear to the audience with the definition and acronyms.

The project overview should come at the start of the project since the abstract does not give a summary of the entire project but it is itemized. The document presents references in the after the end of the section one and named it as section two. Having references in the middle of the document is not a best writing practice. References are always second last part of the document before having appendix.

Images used in the document have used a lot of space since they were not cropped. Cropping images ensures that document uses less space. Figure one is an example of an image that is not appropriate. The decomposition component of the system clearly shows the how they will interact with each other. Data variables are also clearly shown in the document with attributes. There is a repetition of the variables that will appear in some tables. It will be more simplified if the document will have a single table with the attributes in the appendices section. Listing about 8-9 entities of the table in several sections is not a standard way of documentation the project. Database tables and views should not depict its all entities and attributes of the table but use the appendices section to detail the tables. There are no specific versions of the software products that will be used to integrate the system.

Although the document has some issues such as placement of the reference list in the middle section of the document, it presents a professional work with clear terminologies which are used consistently throughout the document. The sentences are also coherent and complete with a simple format. This document further presents information that does not conflict with each other in different sections. The purpose of the project and how is achieved is clearly shown in the entire document. The scope was met and well documented with simple step-by-step instructions. This shows that the project team did more research concerning the integration of the system. The appendix offers relevant information to the users which is just within the scope.