Review of other students/AMA style Essay Example

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Lindsley Baranski

Lindsey Baranski has managed to indicate the number of hours she has spent on the practicum and at the same time highlighted all the objectives as well as the activities that were undertaken. The objective of the practicum included assisting as well as observing educators of food to ensure that they acquire experience for speaking to people of all ages regarding preparing healthy food as well as overall Community Kitchen Pittsburg mission. Another objective was the creation of tool for assessing the lesson. Lindsey has set the objective well as it link up the current and the previous objectives of the Community Kitchen lessons. However, Lindsey should not have included so many objectives in her work. It is also essential to ensure that the objectives are SMART, that is specific, manageable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. However, Lindley has made a great contribution in posting lessons of food education as well as new plans of lesson. In order to ensure the achievement of desirable outcomes, Lindley has made efforts by establishing a timeline with the aim of organizing activities. The conclusion is essential as it ensure that Lindley is having the last word as far as the issues touching on the paper are concerned. At the same time, Lindley will have an opportunity to offer an effective conclusion which will allow the reader to have something that he/she will take away as well as appreciate the topic. She highly the mission of Community Kitchen Pittsburgh which is to utilize food a the basis for strengthening communities as well as changing lives. Lindley also manages to utilize various themes such as the Mexican and Italian ones. Another strength observed is the capacity to increase the knowledge of the student through the programs on food education to ensure the promotion of positive attitudes as well as ensure an upsurge in health behavior.

Asma Majid

Asma begin by acknowledging the fact that the extreme nature of the experience he gain while at North Brunswick. The number of hours (72) that he spent since his last blog is indicated. His site is essential for an individual in need of nutritional counseling as it offers practical skills on how what an individual can implement physical exercise with the aim of remaining healthy. The journal also highlights the need for follow-up with the aim of monitoring the patient’s progress. The overall aim of Asma’s practical site is to assess the patient’s nutritional status by measuring the weight, height, as well as the BMI. Checking for weight as well as height and them offering recommendation that will aim at reducing weight is essential in ensuring an improvement of an individual’s nutritional status while at the same time offering tips on how to remain healthy. Among other tips provided by the site that would help the patients to lose weight include including the use of various diet types such as lentil. Asma’s aim is also to ensure that the individuals visiting the clinic where he is conducting the practicum. Discussing about nutritional status as well as offering counseling on reducing weight is essential in preventing agaist lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. The objective are well set because they are in line with the conclusion and are also specific, manageable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Apart from that, Asma also highlights the need for nutritional therapy as the means by which an individual can utilize in losing weight.