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Globalization: A Force for Good

Globalization: A Force for Good


Former Australian foreign affairs minister, Hon. Alexander Downer M.P., made the speech of “globalization a force for good”. It was when he was addressing a graduation ceremony at Bond University on the fourth of February 2006. Some of the ideas that were presented in the speech that touched about globalization included its importance to the graduating students and its impacts to global. In addition, he also dwelled a lot on the major factor, which make globalization possible and effective. According to Hon. Alexander Downer, globalization has been effective and possible because of individuals’ freedom of choice.

Main ideas that the text present about globalization

The major ideas that have been presented in the text about globalization include the definition of globalization according to the World Bank. It is defined as growing of integration among economies and societies globally (Bond University, Gold Coast, 2006). It is also clear that globalization has become successful over the past 40 years due to the existence of freedom of choices among the parties involved in the international trade. For instance existence, globalization has become successful in Australia due to the freedom of choosing what you want to purchase and the freedom of choosing where you want to sell. From the article, it is also noted that globalization helps in alleviating poverty; furthermore, it is also made clear that globalization also affects life expectancy. This implies that the higher the rate of globalization the higher the life expectancy rises.

Why the source is a good resource for research

The source can be said to be one of the best for research because of the following reasons: First the source can be said to be credible in the sense that the owner of the information in it has held one of the relevant offices in the government. This factor therefore makes the source substantial since the speaker is a credible person. Secondly, the speaker quotes some of the relevant people as far as globalization is concerned. For instance, the speaker supports his points by quoting some relevant sources like UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Finally, the credibility of the source is based on the resources of its statistics, for instance, the speaker uses statistics from relevant bodies such as the UN, World Bank, WTO among others.

Operators of the website chosen

The Bond University operates this website. However the speaker of the speech in this article is Alexander Downer. From the article, Alexander Down provides more information about him. This is evident as he discloses himself as former Australian minister of foreign affairs. However, some of the information incorporated in the article is from various organizations. For instance, Kofi Annan on behalf of the United Nations reveals the information of the main losers of globalization (Bond University, Gold Coast, 2006).

What to do in order to avoid plagiarism

As it is evident from the article, in order to avoid plagiarism, the author has attributed information of others to them. It is clear from the article the author quotes his sources and attributes the information to them. For instance, he quotes Koffi Annan information about the major losers of globalization inequality.

Useful Information from the article

The useful information from the article is that reduction of barriers between different societies in the global makes globalization effective and easy. It is also important to note that globalization helps in reducing poverty as well as increasing life expectancy. This information I important since it provides an opportunity for poor countries to break its trade barriers in order to rise economically by reducing poverty.

This information might be preferred for students since it contains information that they might need both in schools and in even concluding their studies. This is because; the globalization topic is a relevant one for graduating students is it will benefit them in the careers they will pursue. In addition, the information in this topic also benefits the students after graduating, in that it helps them in determining salaries to command (Bond University, Gold Coast, 2006).. Finally, the topic also directs the students on what to do in future to ensure that poverty is completely eradicated globally.


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