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Review for Topics on Both Vaccinations & Fluorinated drinking water Essay Example

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Review of Research Topics

Review of Research Topics


The vaccination topic happens to be an excellent topic to focus on the research paper. The topic presents several strengths for the researcher but there are still some weaknesses that also counter the overall accomplishment of the project. One of the primary strengths of this topic is that the researcher can underscore the importance of vaccination for children as a basis for supporting their argument. Moreover, the researcher can use information from the reliable sources to support their argument and come up with reliable recommendations. Regardless of the strengths of this research topic, one of the main weaknesses is the apparent bias by the researcher. The bias stems from the fact that the author is a mother and this is a drawback since the research topic focuses on parents and the author questions the state’s role in dictating how children are vaccinated. In my estimation, the author should approach this research topic with an open mind regardless of the fact that she is mother.

Fluorinated drinking water

The topic on fluorination is also an important topic because it will enable the author reflect on their personal as well as professional interests. There are several strengths that come up from focusing on this research topic. For example, the author can use the documented link between oral health and overall physical health as a basis to provide support to their arguments. NIDCR (2008), note that there is a connection between oral infections and heart disease and stroke. The weakness of this research topic is that the ethical and safety concerns of fluorinated water have not been addressed and the researcher has not shown how they plan to address these concerns. The best way to approach this essay is to integrate the ethical and privacy concerns and recommend strategies to address them.


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