Good Advertisement Essay Example

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Advertising is more or less a multifarious voice of marketing. Apart from employing variety of techniques, it has to be relevant. The print advertisements, the Adidas advert is out to sell shoes worn by men, the lynx shower gel describes the effectiveness of the gel on any dirt, and the Sskyy advert brings out the romantic part of the drink in an enticing background while the Gucci advert speaks of the attraction resulting from the perfume. All the advertisements bring out the sex appeal that is necessary for the products to sell (Donald and Kenneth 2007).

The advertisements are strategically sound, that is, they are carefully directed to a particular audience. There are being driven by explicit objects. The messages are also crafted to the audience of concern. For instance, the Adidas advert clear speaks to young men in simple words. Creativity is also evident in the print adverts. The core ideas get the attention and do prevail in the mindset of the consumers.

The adverts are able to call for attention. Each has incorporated elements that will eventually entice the audience and ensure that they get the relevant information. Their simplicity is appealing. Less use of words and more of image ad excellent choice of colors complement them. The simplicity is accompanied by a convincing outlook. Less exaggerations and claims that may be hard for the advertiser to defend sum up the images. The execution of the adverts is great, that is, from the conveying of message to the maintaining of the audience (Hastings 2010).


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