Strategic management Essay Example

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Rеsроnsе to the discussion forum роst

I strongly agree with the content of this discussion forum post since it is objective and based on the credible sources of information as cited by the writer. It is true that the transitional period of nurses and midwives is normally quite crucial and marks a critical moment in their professional development journey. The main reason for this time being termed as quite crucial is that it is the time when they leave the classroom to enter the practical world of nursing and midwifery. It is in this practical that they are expected to exercise the skills and knowledge gained during the training done in the classroom.

The writer of this discussion forum post is quite factual in observing that it is only when in real world practice that the new nurses and midwives start realizing the specific needs they have to develop and improve through learning. It is true that one may feel well prepared when leaving the school to practice nursing and midwifery. However, it only dawns on such a person that what was learnt is just the tip of the iceberg when he or she starts to serve in the field (Leonard, 2002). New needs pertaining to further training and learning usually emerge.

The writer of this post is knowledgeable enough to give the effective strategies that such new nurses and midwives can then use when it dawns on them that they have areas to improve and develop. It is important to develop effective learning and improvement goals (Johnson, 2014). It is based on these goals that one starts to develop their practical capabilities. From this discussion forum post, it emerges that practical capabilities in nursing and midwifery are only gained while working in the field.


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