Response to Brooke’s 1-1 COM 235 post

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Response to Brooke’s Post

Response to Brooke’s Post

I agree with Brooke’s on her interpretation of the intended message on the pictures she posted. In the first picture which shows a body spray, Brooke brings out the intended message which is to encourage people to purchase the body spray. The element of texture is extensively used in the picture since the paint strokes show the texture of the bottle to be smooth which can be interpreted to be real. Moreover, the element is also used since the color yellow adds brightness to the picture and ensures that it can be seen from a distance. In general, the photographer combines the elements of design to achieve the principle of balance and also come up with an original creation (Goss & Wighton, 2008).

In the second picture, I also agree with Brooke’s interpretation of the intended message. The shown advertises children’s clothing, and this calls for the use of a combination of colors to arrive at a specific message. The colors used include yellow which shows the flower on the hat and this can raise excitement among the children and make them to want to own the hat. The artist also uses a smooth texture in the photograph to represent the entire image. I also agree with Brooke that the combination of different shapes and colors in the image gives the image simplicity; it is expected that if the picture has many colors then it will be complex to interpret the intended message but not in the case of this photograph. In general, the artist achieves harmony in the photography through the combination of texture, shape and color to communicate their intended message (Goss & Wighton, 2008).


Goss, J. & Wighton, J. (2008). Floristry. London: New Holland.