Response post to Alexandra Graphic Design 1-1

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Response to Alexandria’s Post

Response to Alexandria’s Post

I believe that Alexandria has given a good interpretation about the photographs she posted. In the first photograph, the messages is intended to invite people to try out the food shown in the picture. The viewer gets the impression that if they place an order of the food shown in the picture, it will appear the same way as it is in picture. This way, the viewer’s notion about the food is already predetermined until they get to taste the real food. In the second picture, I also notice that there is no much use of color but I do not agree with Alexandria’s interpretation. I believe that the use of less colors in the picture is intended to bring out the words that have been inscribed.

In both pictures, there is combination of various element and principles of design. Firstly, the element of line has been used in the first picture to bring out the shape of the food shown. Moreover, the in the first picture is both represented and real; the food is represented in a rough texture. Additionally, the photographers spaces the various elements in the picture to give the photograph the principle of balance. The principle of dominance is also used in the first picture as the food covers more space in the photographs as compared to other components. In the second picture, on the other hand, the elements of color and space are also used; while the color is used sparingly, the form takes is used to represent the letters in the image. The photographer uses these elements to achieve harmony and rhythm in the picture (Goss & Wighton, 2008).


Goss, J. & Wighton, J. (2008). Floristry. London: New Holland.