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Prompt: As the Blue Zones interview shows, environment can be an important factor in one’s health and diet. How is your environment similar or different to those described in the reading? Develop your answer by explaining important differences and/or similarities.

According to the Blue Zones interview, environment has a great impact in one’s health and diet. In the Blue Zones interview, it is clear that environment allows people to live longer with average conduct of physical exercise (Midley, 2015). Similarly, in my environment requires one to take the right diet and engage into physical exercise in order to live a healthy live. People in the blue zones and in my environment are concerned about living a healthy life despite the change in the environments. Similarly, people in my environment and those in the blue zones work towards lowering of the health costs and improving productivity by eating healthy. In my environment, as well as that in the blue zones interview, people manage to do housework.

In the Blue Zones interviews, the environment enhances growth of different types of plants that are majorly consumers by the dwellers, thus making the zones to be characterized by semi-vegetarianism (Wilson 2012). The environment in my location is different because it does not majorly contribute to the people longevity of living. Unlike in my environment, the people in the Blue Zones focus on the plant-based diet (Cloabots, 2015). The permanent changes to the environment as per the Blue Zones interview enables people to make healthy choices associated with the food to eat because the residents take the environmental approach to transform the community through the generation of happier and longevity living programs and policies. In my environment, people do not mainly focus on moving natural, but life a lifestyle according to the economic capabilities. In my environment, there is much consumption of meat and high levels of calories unlike what is identified in the blue zones interview whereby people eat average meat, and balances calorie levels for their health diet. The environment in the blue zones enables people to walk to work unlike in my environment whereby people ride cars to work.


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