Responding to the 2 posts Essay Example

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Responding To the Two Posts

A capitalist society allows the corporate business which is majorly privately owned to access and control the wealth and the public resources. A capitalist society allows the private sector to highly control the economy of a given state, where they involve in highly extensive business opportunities, which bring about economic changes in the society. For instance, the suppliers of a particular business company are paid and earn more from their services to that company. Just as Michael Porter suggests, that corporate companies should draw money from the capitalist society adventures to create the aspired wealth to the private sector. Businesses, as Porter suggests, can profoundly influence the money traffic in society, by highly influencing the level and extent of transactions. Capitalism, differently from communism creates wealth to the private sector, where the government has little to no interference.

The apple business company and leadership are based on capitalism venture. In capitalist, society, the private sector can hugely control the economic and social resources and make more money from the capitalist society. Apple Company is highly named from a strong foundation leadership of its leader, Steve Jobs. The CEO has over long time influences his employees, and his leadership set of skill has made it possible for its performance. Steve is a transformational as well as a democratic leader, transforming little ideas to great products, such as Apple smartphones. The leader similarly accommodates the views and the opinions of the fellow tech experts. In that, they can contribute to the innovativeness of Apple. Apple is an innovation company, and therefore Steve Jobs allow for greater minds of employees at the company to creatively come up with new designs.