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It is clear that the competence in leadership and how they navigate impacts the entire organizations. The human resource has the responsibility of developing competency in the business units through the development of leadership development strategies and initiatives. Knowledge, skills, abilities, mindsets and critical thinking are essential in making successful leaders. Obtaining knowledge increases productivity which in the long run increases the desired results. When leaders undertake their role with confidence, productivity increases and this is because they become responsible for their duties and capacity. Leadership derailment is detrimental to the performance of the organization. It is critically important for leader’s t be aware that leadership plays a vital role in the entire performance of the other subordinate workers. Training and coaching are essential so as to avoid leadership stagnation. Leaders need to accept full responsibility but education and skills play a central role in their success.

The learner puts it very clear that, the failure to identify future leaders falls on current leaders. The time and efforts used to generate business and human capital challenge and SHRM competency model could have availed much if it was directed towards employee’s development. Organizations should work hard towards development of leaders. Leadership training plays a crucial role in growing leadership positions. Successful leadership is characterized by leadership and execution, intellectual capacity, ability to influence people towards a goal and adapting to diverse cultures. The role given to leaders should be accompanied by support through training and education. Leadership is a competitive advantage and thus building capacity that realizes performance and innovation and should never be ignored. Developing and nurturing the leadership skills in an individual are crucial in better performance of the individuals with specific roles.