Respond to my literature circle group discussion posts Essay Example

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Response to My Literature Circle

Response to My Literature Circle

The response posted clearly illustrates that; being a director necessitates the ability to relate the story with other elements such as; theme, style, characters, and others. This ability enables the discussion director to ask questions that connect the whole story and the characters. For instance; the discussion questions would sound vague if they asked about the characters in the novel. However, by asking about the suitability of names of the characters with their roles, it makes the discussion in depth.

Although the novel is written in third person, the author used Alex Rider’s point of view. It is evident that Alex Rider has been used as the main character and this causes the reader to show care towards him hence with the fast-pace nature of the novel, the reader keep track of everything that is happening to Alex. I agree with this post in that; when one begins to read the novel, it seems to be quite slow but then it continues to gain pace and creates suspense forcing the reader to desire more.

It is true that any reader reading the novel would like to know what is going to happen next. For example; when Alex is planning to stop Sayle from causing destruction to the entire country, the reader keeps wondering whether or not Alex will be successful. Such is the suspense that is created throughout the novel and this makes it fast and interesting.

It is evident that, understanding vocabularies is important to any reader. It facilitates for better understanding of the novel. As noted by the group, vocabularies are important for students because it helps the students’ experience to improve in reading. Learning new terms is important for the purposes of communication and understanding new information. Reading the post draws the perception that, without the definition of vocabularies, the content of the story cannot be held together and this will hinder understanding and flow of the story.