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Role of Resilience to Climatic Changes

Role of Resilience to Climatic Changes

Resilience is a possible solution to climate change being witnessed in the world over. This is due to the fact numerous efforts, which had been put forward to tackle the aspect of greenhouse gases emissions, failed. The newer understanding, which emanates from the argument that strictly directs towards mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, calls for widening of the underlying climate-based policies by way of cementing efforts made to enhance the notion of adaptation (Malone, 2009). It is important to realize that the capacity to build resilience as a formidable approach to protection from possible risks associated with climate change is superior in comparison to any given static model that is only focused on a single possible climate-based influencer; greenhouse gas emissions strategies at the expense of other natural climate variability (Nakicenovic and Swart, 2000). Following this line of reasoning, the ability to adapt resilience approaches as opposed to climate stasis models rests with the fact that the technique is able to maximize people’s abilities to cope with immediate possible risks by way of establishing a dynamic, market-focused and informational-building strategies (Malone, 2009).

It can thus be argued that resilience of societies towards climate change is far much a perfect cushion for the factors that are able to mediate between geophysical facets, real events and human capacities for purposes of enjoying as much benefits as possible. Furthermore, it is a composite notion that is able to integrate social, economic and political factors in the course of expounding on effective ways to survive, develop and change underlying climatic conditions. Consequently, resilience to climatic change emphasizes on the degree to which risks of climate misfortunes can be minimized by allowing for adaptive actions, which are in most cases accessible by the population at immediate risk (Malone and Brenkert, 2008).


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