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Research Question Background Internet technology is changing the way people work and communicate. Time-saving and convenience are two main advantages of using modern technology to conduct business, find information and connect with family, friends and Essay Example

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Strategic Adaptation to Technological Changes

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14/05/ 2011


Technology and more specifically the internet is changing the way the society is running it activities at home, in school or in workplaces. Internet technology has brought with it saving on time as well as money. Due to this many people have been trying to adapt to these technological changes so as to enjoy the benefits. Technology has impacted positively and negatively on social, economical, political and cultural circles of life. Individuals have to acquire the relevant technological knowledge through strategic planning and adaptation. Therefore, I agree to the fact that strategic adaptation is an important factor in individual success due to the rapid technological changes and development.

For effective strategic adaptation an individual has to have a goal target on why he wants to have a change. In addition, the government and even the family can help an individual succeed through strategic adaptation to technological changes. As a family, members can pool resources so as to install technology even at home such as computer systems as well train the young ones on the importance and use of the technology. The government should encourage and support individual projects aimed at acquiring internet and technological knowhow especially in higher learning institutions.

Body Paragraph 1

Technology is been used to achieve globalization through efficient communication by individuals in different parts of the world. The society or institution is formed by individuals who come together. To increase or achieve effective communication individual must have the required knowledge in the use of internet technology. Goodman and Hirch (2010) add that change of any kind causes communication to be more important than ever. This is because in achieving a change, ideas about the change have to be communicated to parties to be involved. Communication is made effective by the use of technology because individuals can share any kind of information through the internet, which it is fast and diverse. Hence, as an individual in a change process, for strategic adaptation effective communication has to be key factor.

In the current world, individuals have become more entrepreneurial than ever before or unlike what people used to think. Entrepreneurship requires an individual to be more innovative and creative so as to deliver quality goods or services compared to what is found in the society. This can be enhanced by the use of technology for designing and developing unique and quality products that will sell or acquire consumers’ high rating. This is because there are many programs attained through technology such as advanced product features and design, that otherwise would not be achieved without the use of technology. Strategic adaptation to technological changes is a key requirement of an individual who intends to be quite entrepreneurial through being more creative and innovative (Cuervo, Ribiero and Roig 2007).

On the other hand, resources that are required such as coaches, machines and time for training must be put into consideration. The government can put certain mandatory requirements for every individual to attain in relation to adapting to technological changes. These can range from providing job opportunities to individual who are possess knowledge of technology. The government can make it a mandatory requirement for employers to ensure that their employees are continually trained according to the changes. Individuals who seek time-off for training purposes should not be denied the chance. The family should appreciate and supportive to those within the family who have gone for further training. Appreciation and support can be seen through financing such training and show of concern about the individual development. Through this the government and family show adaptation for individual success

As highlighted in the body paragraph one, for effective communication an individual must adapt to technological changes since technology has become a mode of communication through the internet. In addition, individuals who want to be more entrepreneurial have to be more innovative and creative. In achieving creativity and innovation individual have to acquire technological knowhow achieved through strategic adaptation. In addition, communication and entrepreneurs are interrelated achieved through technology hence the need to strategically adapt.

Body Paragraph 2

Knowledge about technology and it application influences the performance level of an individual. It has being noted that the use of technology in an organization positively affects the performance of employees since they become more productive. With his technological knowhow an individual is bound to apply this in his duties. This is because technology is quite convenient and saves on time. This will improve on performance of the individual compared to those not using technology. This is supported by Sascha (2008) who says that, performance is positively related to strategic adaptation to changes. On the other hand, an organization adapting to take technology has to consider the effect of this on individuals. Therefore, individuals have to be trained and developed in line with the new technology.

According to Drejer (2005) technology is an integration of skills, equipment and knowledge required to bring changes to materials, information and people. This is to mean that when an individual adapt to technological changes this associated with being knowledgeable and skillful. Since an individual wants to be seen as more skillful and knowledgeable he or she has to strategically adapt to technological changes. In addition, if an individual is more skillful and knowledgeable in relation to others, the high his chances are in getting employment opportunities or job promotions. Development in a society is also attained by having individuals who have the technological knowhow to bring about the change required.

Skills, knowledge and equipment are tools required by the government and family for an individual to be successful in a fast changing society. Success is related to high performance and being more productive. The government and the family should support various means required by an individual to adapt to change and as a result become more successful. The government should strive to employ technology in its activities. Since technology brings with it fast production of goods and delivery of services, those been provided will be successful in executing their tasks. As earlier indicated, technology is seen as the skills, knowledge and equipment that a family or the government possess and applies effectively in respective activities. Consequently, the individual is bound to succeed through higher performance and increased productivity through the family and the government adaptation.

Consequently, as indicated in body paragraph two, strategic adaptation to technological changes will enhance the performance of an individual either in the institutions he is working in or as self employed. Individual performance will increase because he possesses relevant knowledge in technology that can be used in achieving a task efficiently compared to manual use. An individual is rated as skillful and knowledgeable based on his technological knowhow. An organization or a society is more likely to recognize a skillful individual when it comes to job promotion and other employment opportunities. Therefore, I agree that an individual has to strategically adapt to technological changes.


Internet technology is changing the way people associate with each other through its influences on social, economical, political and cultural structures. Technological changes enhance communication, performance and quality of products thus vitiating the need for individuals to strategically adapt to these changes. This also improves an individual’s association and interactivity with others at home, in school or at workplaces. Strategic adaptation requires strategic planning especially in an organization setting. The government and the family should adapt to modern society changes for the development and success of an individual and the society at large.

It is important to note that a society develops through adaptations to technological changes achieved by individuals who form a society and who makes it be the way it is. Communication, entrepreneurial, recognition and performance are factors that influence an individual’s decision to become more adaptive to technological changes. As a recommendation, it is important that every individual should strive to adapt to the dynamic technological change. In addition, individuals have to analyze both the negative and positive effects of technological change, whilst considering settling on strategic adaptation to technological change that has many positive impacts compared to negative impacts.


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