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Research Project

Student A

This is a good area to work on because all the medical practitioners especially nurses need to comprehend the understanding on the role to play on ‘cold brown’ activation when it comes to external disaster. Nurses are the primary care giver in the emergency department, and therefore the choice of this population is justifiable. They are required to comprehend their roles wherever an emergency emerges. Nurses receive training on emergency preparedness and they are required to be competent.

Student B

This is a good area to focus your research because the data is readily available. Such a study is essential because of the existence of a gap as most research in this area provides conflicting information regarding oxygen therapy’s effect in patients suffering from normoxic cardiac. Supplemental oxygen is widely utilized for by patients experiencing cardiac arrest. The PICO method that you utilize in your research is also effective since it will assist in focusing the study.

Student C

This is an excellent area to research on because there exist factors for and against education pursuant for nurses in Saudi Arabia. Most nurses experience barriers as well as challenges while they are furthering their education in Saudi Arabia. Among these barriers include accessibility, time, financial issues, and staff motivation, among others. Nurses in this nation also do struggle in meeting the need of the growing population of the sick people, partly because they are unable to further their studies. The highest priority for nurses’ advancement within Saudi Arabia is the generation of nurse regulation. Among the pressing needs include licensure of Saudi Arabia Nurses, education programs’ accreditation, professional standards’ regulation, as well as national nurses’ association formation (Aboshaiqah 2011, p. 1).


Aboshaiqah, A. 2011. E-Learn: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education. Saudi Arabia: King Saud University.