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Research proposal

The research project will be measuring customer satisfaction in a hotel in order to improve service as a way of attracting and retaining customers.


Currently, customer satisfaction has become a major topic of discussion in the hospitality industry. Itis a major aspect that research officers in the hospitality industriesneed to research on if such firms have to offer quality service to customers, which as a result will act as a tool of attracting and retaining customers.The importance of investigating this aspect is to assist the marketing director and general manager of the hospitality industry to have a clear understanding of the factors they will employ in order to meet the goal of customer satisfaction(Novikova, 2009).In addition, this research will be very significant to other organizations whose major goal is to improve customer satisfaction in order to attract and retain customers. Contradictions arise as to what factors really determine customer satisfaction. Various researches have been carried out by different researchers who offer different opinions as to what determines customer satisfaction. For instance, factors such as value attribute, core of restaurant operation such as an appropriate cost, delicious food, attentive service and a cheerful greeting contributes to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, other factors including staffs behaviour to some degree, physical environment quality,linkage between guest satisfaction on retention, behaviour and attitude behaviour contributes to customer satisfaction (Barrows and Powers, 2008).As a research officer, it is essential to consider all these factors and select the ones which are deemed as the most efficient to determining customer satisfaction which as a result will assist in attracting and retaining customers. It is apparent that if organizations employ the most efficient factors to customer satisfaction, success will be a guarantee (Barrows, and Powers, 2008).

Significance of the research

The need and significance of this report based on the hotel management and marketing will be improved customer services that results to customer satisfaction. From the research, the researcher was able to identify the factors attributed to customer satisfaction such as employees’ behavior, the value attribute and core of restaurant operation which includes attentive services, delicious food, cheerful customer greeting as well as appropriate costs for the services being offered by the restaurant. In addition physical environment quality was also found to have an effect on the customer satisfaction as compare to the outcome of the restaurant guests. With an understanding of these factors that hinder customer satisfaction, the relation between the customer’s satisfaction on attitude behavior as well as retention, the hotel management / operator management and marketing will be able to define ways and strategies that will positively influence the hotel operations as well as contribute to customer satisfaction (Novikova, 2009). Moreover, though customer satisfaction is the major element to retain customers to a restaurant, it alone cannot be effective to ensure customer frequency. According to Novikova (2009) with a clear understanding of this, the hotel management as well as the hospitality industry will have an advantage in that they will be in a position to ensure that the most suitable and appropriate development measures to make a restaurant more competitive, attractive and that its services satisfies more guests as well as ensuring customer frequency are put in place and implemented. This as a result will lead to customer satisfaction which will improve the company’s success.

Scopeof the research

In order to attain better results on the proposed research project, the research will employ questionnaires which will be filled by selected participants. These participants who will comprise both the employees and the guests visiting the hotel will be chosen randomly by the research officer. Furthermore, an equal number of male and female respondents will be chose. Through these questionnaires, adequate information regarding employees’ behaviour in the hotel and how such behaviours affect customer satisfaction will be acquired. In addition, the use of a survey questionnaire will assist in obtaining information from the guests regarding their level of satisfaction. The research will be conducted in the form of a 20-minute survey with the customers who stayed at the hotel 20 days prior to the survey. This study however is bound to various limitations. For instance, the employees will not be willing to give certain information as they are not allowed to by the company; that is there is confidentiality of information (Hayes, 1998). Moreover, some guests may decline filling in the questionnaire as they may consider this as wastage of their valuable time(Hayes, 1998). Due to this, it is the duty of the research officer to find measures to overcoming these limitations in order to obtain credible information and make the research a success.

Problem statement and research objectives

In the recent world, customer satisfaction has become an issue of contention in the hospitality industry. This is so since the industry faces a problem in understanding the psychological process underlying customer satisfaction and retention. The factors attributed to customer satisfaction include employees’ behavior, the value attribute and core of restaurant operation which includes attentive services, delicious food, cheerful customer greeting, the physical environment quality as well as appropriate costs for the services being offered by the restaurant (Novikova, 2009). It is against this backdrop that the researcher aims to study by measuring customer satisfaction in order to improve service as way of attracting and retaining customers.

The research aims at achieving various objectives including:

  • To examine the relationship between customer satisfaction, customer’s repeat-purchase intentions and restaurant performance

  • To scrutinize the linkage between service and guest satisfaction in a hotel

Research question

  • What are the factors contributing to customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry?


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