Research of the White Ribbon

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White Ribbon implementation plan

Implementation plan

Institutional implementation

Activity description

White Ribbon Runners 2016

The event was scheduled to take place on first of January at 1200hrs to thirtieth November 12 hrs. A great number of Australia’s families have broken due to Gender Based Violence especially man violence on women. White Runners Team is a group of individuals who came together to help end this social issue. On seventh of May, Waratahs Super Rugby round 11 teamed up with Ladies Day to help build a momentum for respecting ladies sports. The teaming up was intended to help instil respect to all ladies ranging from the players, onlookers and all others. The young boys and men were being oriented on the essence of treating women with care and concern. As quoted by the Rugby team CEO, “This round reinforces our respect of women in the game, our female fans, the importance of role modelling to young boys and our confidence in staff and players to reinforce the message that men’s violence against women is never acceptable. We are committed to standing alongside White Ribbon and its supporters and commit to the White Ribbon Oath, to stand up, speak out and act to prevent this issue that has such …” (White Ribbon 2016, n .p).The White ribbon was also planned to team up with Tuff mudder whose purpose is to test the strength of mind with regard to coping with hard situations.

Casual Denim Fridays

Its main aim is to raise money for Gender Based Violence Victims in Royal Perth Hospital. This event entails supporters buying denim jeans for the purpose of donating $2 on Fridays. Even if one does not want to wear the jeans they can still donate the money on the Fridays. Casual denim Friday event will schedule to happen on 15th April to December 16th 5pm. The event location is Royal Perth Hospital Radiology Department; anybody wishing to locate the location of this event can find the location at level 3 in North Block at Wellington Street. The money that will be contributed by buying jeans will be used for good cause.

Dolores at anywhere Festival

Dolores at everywhere festival is an event that started on 5th May and will end by 5pm on 15th May., the location of the festival is Taylor king galley which is located at 16 Thurlow street in Newmarket, QLD 4051. The event was about a project that aimed at bringing intimate community and theater activism together. In a period of one month 50 bankers were able to raise $ 2,824. Each day after the after the campaign was opened new supporters have been able to contribute towards a life for Dolores after the festival. The festival is about a play of two sisters, the relationship between them and effects of domestic violence. The event established good connecting with famous people like MP for Everton Park, Tim Mander who wants to support fight against domestic violence. At the opening night Mr. Mander and strong politicians who are supporters of domestic violence arts by women will be intendance to give his support to the Dolores festival. Technical runs began this week and rehearsals kicked off at full swing awaiting the opening of the famous festival. The play in the festival entails characters fighting the war of domestic violence with their belief that they have to stand for their dignity.


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