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Week 4: Job Satisfaction and Motivation Survey Results

In the course of determining the level of job satisfaction of employees within the company, I formulated and implemented a questionnaire that required the workers to provide their perspectives on three questions;

  1. I do feel encouraged to always formulate new and unique ways of executing my duties and responsibilities

  2. My work allows me an opportunity to feel accomplished and appreciated

  3. I am allowed lots of tools and resources to execute my tasks.

For all of these questions, above 60% of the participants indicated a positive perspective while the remaining 30% ascertained that they would neither or disagree. This means that most of the employees are happy about how the company treats them and ensures that they do not suffer from daily monotonous activities altogether (Saari & Judge, 2004). It also means that the company has managed to set aside resources to aid workers in conducting their duties hence little or no pressure is imposed on them to come out successfully without any form of support from management.

To determine the level of employee motivation, the questionnaire set to understand their respective feelings in relation to both the company and management. The two questions answered were;

  1. How happy are you with the job?

  2. What are your thoughts regarding the company’s benefit plan to employees at large

In relation to these questions, employees portrayed lots of satisfaction about their respective jobs and benefits plan with the percentage standing at 65%. 25% however indicated that there was a need to improve the benefits plan to match with other colleagues are being paid within a similar job position. 10% did oppose nor support the program as a whole.

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