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SNS is a mode of research evaluation based on the satisfactory levels in that the results from the research are either satisfactory or non satisfactory to the wants of the people or the client in need of the venture being carried out. In getting the results for an SNS study to be carried various methodologies have been used to get the results of the research and in different ways. In the case study which I am supposed to review is about Facebook and how its use influences the subjective wee being of a person over time depending with the people’s usage over time.

In getting the data the researchers used experience sampling which is the reliable method in dealing with in vivo behaviour and psychological experience. Experience sampling is whereby participants of a certain study are asked to stop what they were doing and record or make notes about their feelings in real time from things like their write about their feelings while in that moment in time.


In the Facebook study they did the research in three phases and using a variety kind of people from all races just to bring more uniformity efficiency to their results. In the first phase they gave their participants’ questionnaires to fill in and in these questionnaires were mostly how they view Facebook by assessing how much they used the site and asking them the reasons why. By doing so they got to understand people’s reasons and intentions for using it.

The next phase they resulted to a keeping a journal but in an electrical manner of sending the participants texts messages on random times asking them about their feelings which ranged from the positive to the negative scale and other emotional but easy questions like how often do they visit the site but they were given specific protocol on answering the questions so as to get adequate results. Through this they came to learn how often the site is used and the different reasons why.

In the last phase they subjected their participants to be taken to a laboratory and asked again to do some questionnaires and also they recorded some of the interviews they had with the participant. Through this technique of acquiring data randomly through harmless questions is very reliable to getting to know the reasons pertaining to the participants’ usage of the site.

By collecting this kind of data it gave the researchers an overview of the scenario and using this technique it helped them know for what purpose do they use the site to how often do they use it even to the point of helping the researchers tabulate the results and see how vast it is in numerical view.

The experience sampling collects a specific kind data which is more on the discrete side and not so intrusive to the participant making them feel comfortable and not being questioned in an imposing manner. Through the thought listing it helps the participant be in tuned with the question at that time and really give a valid answer or report in the journal they are writing.

Dealing with a group gives the participants an idea of having a common place and their attitude is calm since they feel free to communicate with the researchers and other participants on ther views.

Using experience sampling is a reliable method since it is less intrusive to the participant being conducted in the research; it also can be vastly used when conducting the research where the participants are in large numbers. By doing the data research in the moment helps curb data errors since the participants’ state what they are doing and feeling in time since they are told to keep journals.

The methodology can be use in any media may it be paper, computer etc making it flexible from the literate to the illiterate people(participants) to be compliant and relaxed when the study is being conducted.

The disadvantages about this method is that since it deals at random time the researcher might miss on the more important notes of feelings that he/she is looking for. There is some possibility of memory decay from their last meeting with the researcher or writing in their journal hence the ineffectiveness of the research.

Also the method is expensive since it requires a signaling technology of some sort to keep them in the loop between the researcher and participant. Still it is more burdensome to the participant since they have to keep a record at random times despite having better things to do

Still on the reasons why it’s not 100% effective it lacks consistency in the results despite that is its objective to get what the participant is feeling and every one of them is different from the other but the lacking in consistency makes the research have more questions than answers giving them more problem.


Despite experience sampling having some mishaps it is still a reliable method but also it can be made even a better mode by reminding your participants to record in their journals after a certain time will help in getting more vivid and moment in time answers and that if it is a lot of work allowing the participants to do the report after natural breaks like morning, afternoon and evening is also good.

Also by training the participant of the study to recognize what the study is all about and what information is relevant to being recorded and which one is not. Still by using the method when the answers need to be discrete and have a clear reason and onset will make the method more effective to the study. And since it can give a variety of answers to the question it is better used if the study needs random answers and experiences and if not preferred having closed questionnaires will be more appropriate in giving the results needed for the study.

It should be used when accurate reports are needed of continuous and in their highly variable states in terms of moods and efforts since if not needed the method will be deemed as inaccurate and useless. Inclusion of group meetings with the participants may help the researchers know and understand the answers better since verbal responses are a better source and helps the researcher understand more on what the participants mean in the journals and questionnaires. An expert data collection also should be in the researchers table and help them in collecting the data since it is quite complex and they need the help of a statistical advisor.

The best way to get accurate results using the experimental sampling is by always having done a pilot study which helps the researchers know what they are getting themselves into if they conduct the research and through that the researchers will make them feel equipped in conducting the research and more aware of what can and can’t happen and how to deal with it when it does happen.


Experience sampling is a good reliable method but if used for the right reasons and in the right manner. It brings about a good hypotheses and it flexibility in answers tells a lot about the participant and how they view the company. In using this approach helps the researchers understand more about the organizational behaviour and psychology about their users since it gives the researchers an open mind to tap into and ask various questions and still get valid answers when they want them and how they do want them and about what. By using the research it helps the researchers also to get into more contact with the participant and understand their answers more clearly than since everything can give a conclusion as to why you do something for example the reasons why you prefer facebook than other modes of interaction maybe the answers might be they feel much safer or they feel like an outcast when they talk to people in person etc the answers are endless but the researchers get to understand more.