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The development of technology has in a big sense changed society. A lot of people all over the world use and gain from modern technology.The tremendous opportunities it givesplay an important role in various fields of our daily life today. Technology has made it easy the access to many important tools people require in education, transportation, communication, industry, medicine,and many other areas. However, excessive application of technology has its setbacks as well. In most cases, the efficiency of achievingtasks fastens with the aid of technology. Many people have switched into technology and lives have been changed by the profits gained from the use of technology.

It has also changed the way peoples associate with one another, and the frequency with which people contact one another. Technology has made the world a global village where people can share a lot of information and opportunities resulting from the technology industry(Ghorab, 1997). As much as the surveillance and communication technologies are concerned, in the recent past attention has moved from surveillance supervision to computer based protection applications requiring pro‐active information gathering process(Thatcher & Oliver, 2001).New technology has brought about innovative methods of gathering from various sources and then controlling the volume, storage, indexation, analysis and access of data. Security around premises has been upgraded and more area covered under less expense in terms of labour implemented on surveillance.

Communications systems compose of equipment for example land mobile radio (LMR) antennae, microwave dishes, repeaters, and receivers, placed on communications buildings or other areas for information exchange purposes. This systems reliably scales from a small surveillance networks, and also reach nationwide networks. They can be integrated into institutions, for regulating activities e.g. in a college; they can also be applied on road transport to help control traffic e.g. over speeding; in government buildings they can be used to supplement security systems i.e. by introduction of security cameras; in private institutions, war zones amongst other areas.

Analytical and processing technologies are mechanisms used to design, analyse, measure and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the regulation of Critical Process Parameters which influence Critical Quality Attributes(Mahmood & Mann, 1993). This technologies help initiate a changing manufacturing process that covers for the difference both in raw materials & equipment to produce a consistent product. Analytical and processing technologies aim at reducing the production cycling time taken, preventing the rejection of product batches, initiate real time release, introduce more automation, help conserve energy and material use and facilitation of continuous processing.

The introduction of online analytical processing has made it easier for industries to connect with their branches faster and efficiently. Data can be collected from the field level, stored on an online database and the main/headquarters can get to access and manipulate this data. The use of servers in online analytical processing improves on saving on time and labour hence increasing production in firms. In social media and advertising, Social media has helped us reach people around us more directly, through platforms like Twitter and Facebook and an ever increasing development of of new platforms.

In the past, it used to be via B2B and B2C but with advancements in technology, today it’s B2P, with P being people(Grover, Cheon & Teng, 1994) Social media cuts across almost all channels and it’s about enhancing engagements with individuals, bringing in conversations not depending on press releases and the cumbersome launches.Social media marketing is a combination of operations used to createpublicity through social media sources and Internet society(Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe, 2007). Social media advertising involves planningof advertising campaigns via those channels. The cause of change in the approach of marketingis that the marketers get to know that they need to reach to the clients. The truth is that the clients are out there connected in the online social communities.

In cloud computing and communication, Cloud Computing is both the applications given as services through the Internet and all the hardware and systems software used by the data centres that enable provision of those services(Doms, Dunne & Roberts, 1995). These services are commonly known as software as a service. Ittakes the form of a service oriented architecture, a reduction in information technology overhead for the customer thus making it quite flexible and hence reducing total cost of ownership. A cloud is reliable in that it supports redundant, self-recovering and highly rated programming models that give way for workloads to recover from numeral unavoidable hardware and software failures.

Cloud computing infrastructures are the upcoming generation kind of platforms that provide a great value to companies of different sizes.They have helped reduce spending on technology components and hence saves on space and money. Increased accessibility of work items and document since the items on the cloud are accessible from any part of the work and hence the workforce area of coverage is extended with monitoring becoming even more effective. Communication channels and receptors involve those modes that are used to initiate communication or to make communication successful. Communication receptors are the elements that are used as modes of receiving information so as to make communication successful.

With new technologies the use of telephones, computers for mail, telegrams, and faxes among other mediums has made communication faster and more daily activities have been achieved since people can reach one another with much ease. The expense of distant communication has also reduced tremendously and thus people are able to relate much faster. Mobile phones and smartphones have become almost a human want in our modern day society, with everyone from junior school children to senior people owning at least one. They enable people to be connected all the time(Ghorab, 1997).

Smartphone technology has created a new domain for all mobile application developing companies, the Internet services providers and many other sectors of life to make use of the Smartphoneto gunnercompetitive merits. A large number of smartphones and mobiles have been sold that has given an opportunity to businesses to find market and invest in mobile application development and has given way to bring in new business dimensions in the market. As it is quiteeasy to modify settings and introduce customizations on smartphones, hence, there are numeralprograms for smartphone‘s from various vendors such as Blackberry, Apple, Android and Microsoft.

Computers and the electronic writing they have made possible, in much sense alter traditional perceptions of writing. The impacts of electronic writing on traditional text bring in a call for a re-examination of the prevailing print metaphor for online writing(Ferdig, & Trammel, 2004).Electronic communication has made advancements in because it has a wide coverage thus the world has become a global village; low cost hence electronic communication saves on time and resources; exchange of feedback thus electronic communication gives way for instant exchange of feedback. So communication is better when using electronic media rather than traditional.

Roboticsroutes from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science that works with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing(Grover, Cheon & Teng, 1994). Robots have changed various fields of operation in our today’s world and hence making life quite better. In fields like medicine robots have been used to conduct operations; in agriculture robots control various farm operations like planting and ploughing; in the defence systems, they are used to control air operations like drones hence becoming very effective in controlling complicated tasks which require precision and accuracy.

In terms time management robots are efficient hence there is a continuous flow of output hence production is boosted through this form of technology. Robotics have improved workers safety since they can work under extreme conditions without risk of injury hence prevent accidents. The Internet is from day to day, getting more important for almost everybody as it is one of the newest and most forward-looking media most commonly referred to as medium of the future.It has become much cheaper that real life as compared to costs of its usage and other mediums like the telephones for a similar purpose(Doms, Dunne, & Roberts, 1995). Access of information has been made easier through the internet since it is a database and sometimes the information or offers are given for free.

This has made life easier and flexible. The powerful search engines used by the internet increase speed of access thus information from any category of study or classification is accessible within a short range of time. It is also a platform where social media sites and forums take place and people are able to get connected throughout the world just within a click of a button. People have been able to meet one another online and hence knowledge is shared online so that one is able to know more from different regions and countries in the world without even having travelled to those places. Access of news and fashion blogs has been boosted and hence news from all places in the world that could not be accessed at once through the television, radio and newspapers can all be found through the internet.

The work of the Diagnosis and therapeutic technologies experts is to improve knowledge of the molecular pathways that lead to degenerative diseases(Santoro, & Gopalakrishnan, 2001). Many diseases and illness have been researched on and controlled before they spread to a lot of people. This has increased the life expectancy in many areas of the world and hence people get to enjoy their lives without fear of such illnesses.

In conclusion, technology is like a coin which has both positive and negative sides. We are the deciders and we have to choose how to use it. The usage of technology for over exploitation of resources should be always avoided. If we use it for positive things, it will have positive effect of our lives and vice versa. Nobody would oppose the development of technologies in any sector but the developments should be in a positive way and they should not have any negative impact on present or future generations


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